Entrobiosis in adults

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The causative agent of enterobiasis in adults is parasitic nematode pinworms.

Acorns live in the intestines of a person. At night, mature female germs crawl through the anus outside and lay eggs in the folds of the skin. At the same time there is a strong pruritus in the perineum. One female lays 10-12 thousand eggs, which are visible only under a microscope.

After four to six hours the eggs ripen and become infectious for humans. When an infected person scrubs the itchy places, he contaminates the parasite of the hand (especially under the nails), clothing and linen. In the morning, when a person dresses and brushed a bed, eggs of worms fall on the floor and objects in the room. From the hands of the patient and with dust, the eggs fall on food. Being out of the human body, eggs can be contagious until one month.

Symptoms of enterobiasis

Infected enterobiosis, capturing eggs of pinworms. The oyster in the intestine lives only three to four weeks, but if the hygiene standards are not observed in the apartment, family members can get enterobiasis for many years, constantly infecting themselves.

Patients with enterobiose develop migraine, dizziness, itching in the anus, appetite disturbs, abdominal pain. Urinary incontinence may develop. Little girls complain of unpleasant sensations inside the genital organs. Toxins that release pinworms upset the nervous system, which causes the patient to become annoying, falls into depression. Fatigue is observed. In blood, the level of zinc, copper, and magnesium decreases. To the point of hemorrhage and erosion is the mechanical impact of the torticollis. When enterobiose, the process of absorption, digestion of food products, and the decrease in the acidity of gastric juice is violated.

Penetrating into the appendix, pinworms can cause appendicitis. In addition, the poisoning of the organism by the products of life and decay of the pinworms leads to allergic reactions.

In enterobiose, the immune system is affected, and susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections is increased.

Treatment and prophylaxis of enterobiasis

Prevention of enterobiosis will prevent the harmful consequences for the body associated with this disease. First of all, it is necessary to wash hands and hands thoroughly and thoroughly, to scrub the nails, to monitor the cleanliness of the body (especially the genital organs), to change lingerie every day.

When the enterobiasis is detected in one person, treatment should be carried out to all members of the family. The course of therapy is repeated in two and four weeks.

It is necessary to boil for half an hour, and after drying, cut on both sides all bedding and underwear. The houses are thoroughly damp cleaning using disinfectants. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the toilet, door handles. Two weeks later, a complex of decontamination should be repeated. When finding pinworms in a kindergarten or school, therapy should be passed to all adult workers.

Entrobiosis in adults
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