English scientists told when the human brain begins to grow old

The Brain (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

The brain cells do not age in the seventh ten lives, as believed earlier, but in 45 years. Such a conclusion was made by scientists from England, which for several years conducted the most complex scientific research. About 7,000 people took part in this large-scale experiment. Age of volunteers was 45-70 years old. Scientists were subjected to their tests for verifying vocabulary and memory. Also studied was the ability to perceive the language by ear.

Three percent of the subjects at the age of 48 years had reduced brain activity. It was also possible to find out that, until age 70, the male brain loses 10% of its activity, and female - about 7%.

It was found out that myelin saturation of brain fibers remains at a high level of 39 years. And then it starts to go down. Scientific experts in the study of the human brain believe that it is the reduction of myelin and leads to aging of the brain and slowing down the speed of its reaction.

Also, scientists made a startling discovery. Aging of the brain can be slowed down by malnutrition. They found that the starving organism intensively secretes CREB1 protein. In turn, it activates chemical compounds such as sirtuin. And sirtuin protects cells and removes them from death. Moreover, the protein and sirtuin are most active in the cells of the brain. Laboratory mice, which gave 30% less feed than their relatives, were more mobile and better understood than their siblings.

English scientists told when the human brain begins to grow old

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