Removal of stretch marks on the skin

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Almost all women, with a few exceptions, are familiar with the problem of stretch marks.

Most stretch marks, or stria, appear as a result of hormonal reorganization of the body: with long-term administration of hormonal drugs, in the puberty period, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as in various diseases of the endocrine system.

Often the cause of stretch marks is a sudden set and weight loss.

Particularly concerned women is the problem of removing stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, chest and buttocks.

Structure of the skin: how are stretch marks formed?

Stretch marks are cicatricial skin changes that result from the microtrauma of elastic fibers. To better understand the mechanism of stretching, you need to know the structure of the skin. In the skin there are three main layers: epidermis, dermis and hypoderms (subcutaneous fat).

The dermis is the middle layer, which is a connective tissue. The dermis is between the hypodermis and the epidermis, and its main cells are fibroblasts, which produce elastin and collagen, responsible for the elasticity, thickness and strength of the skin. In addition to elastin and collagen fibers in the dermis, there are lymph and blood vessels, nerve endings and enzymes.

Thus, it is safe to say that the dermis is a skeleton, and the condition of the skin of a person depends largely on it. Skin with age becomes thinner and loses elasticity under the influence of various factors (weight fluctuations, nervous tension, hormonal oscillations, etc.), which often leads to the appearance of internal microbreaks of elastin and collagen fibers.

In places of discontinuity fibroblasts begin to intensively produce collagen, and if this does not happen, then at the breakpoint a scar is formed, that is, stretching. Initially, stretch marks have a bright red or blue color (as a result of blood vessels bleeding), but after 1-1,5 years they become blurred, and the scar tissue is completely atrophied.

Methods for removing stretch marks

To date, all the basic methods for removing stretch marks are divided into:

  • Peels and grinding;
  • Surgical methods;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Fermentotherapy and pharmacotherapy;
  • Injection therapy.

All these methods, with the exception of the surgical removal of stretching with a laser or a scalpel, are aimed at activating the work of fibroblasts and increasing the production of collagen necessary for the restoration of destroyed derma cells.

Also, these methods are used to improve cellular metabolism, microcirculation and nutrition of tissues with vitamins and trace elements. Methods of peeling and grinding are aimed at leveling the color and relief between healthy skin and scar. Not bad help these methods to eliminate stretch marks after childbirth.

Mechanical grinding Stryi (microdermabrasion) has the purpose of layered removal of the upper layers of the epidermis by the influence of solid particles (diamond grinding, aluminum crystals). It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and contributes to the improvement of microcirculation and skin renewal.

Elimination of stretch marks Laser (Laser grinding) with a carbon dioxide or erbium laser makes the effect of ablation, that is, it helps to evaporate horn cells from the surface of the skin. It stimulates the processes of regeneration. Perfect for laser grinding to eliminate stretch marks on the stomach, hips, buttocks and other parts of the body.

Surgical methods Removal of stretch marks after delivery is aimed at removing the scar using a laser or a scalpel, after which the edges of the rumen are raised and impose a beautiful cosmetic suture. Thus, the scars become less noticeable.

Another effective method for removing stretch marks is by review Subtitle - a procedure for treating connective tissue grains with a special needle, resulting in a scar bottom rising upwards, leveling the relief of the skin. To date, the procedure of fractional thermolysis, whose effect is directed directly to the dermis and stimulates enhanced collagen production, is becoming increasingly popular.

According to reviews, the removal of stretch marks has a good effect with the use of Peeling (Chemical or ANA-acids). During the peeling process, exfoliation of old cells of the epidermis and the formation of a new layer of tissue through controlled burns occurs. As a result, the relief is aligned and there is a renewal of the skin. Peeling may be superficial, medial or deep. With deep peeling, the effect is not only on the epidermis, but also on the dermis.

Physiotherapeutic methods Aimed at improving the normal tissue trophy. For this purpose, ultra-phonophoresis, microcurrent therapy, mechanical-mechanical therapy in combination with various cosmetic or medicinal products are used.

The positive results of removal of stretch marks on the stomach and other parts of the body after Cryomassage With the use of liquid nitrogen.

Prior to injection methods Removal of stretch marks can be attributed to ozonotherapy, mesotherapy, carboxytherapy. The essence of all these methods is the introduction of special agents under the skin, which have a positive effect on the dermis, saturating it with useful micro-elements and stimulating blood circulation.

Procedure Mesotherapy Is the introduction of special cocktails under the skin, consisting of minerals, vitamins, medicinal plant extracts and collagen. When ozonotherapy in the problem areas of the skin is introduced ozone-oxygen mixture, and when carboxytherapy is injected medical carbon dioxide, which contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and blood circulation stimulation.

These methods are very effective in removing stretch marks after delivery, especially if they are fresh.

Pharmacotherapy By reviews , Is the most ineffective method of eliminating stretch marks.

All sorts of creams, ointments and other cosmetics from stretch marks are intended to have a positive effect on the formation of connective tissue, to increase the elasticity of the skin and its moisture.

Choosing the best method for removing stretch marks

Most experts agree that it is impossible to completely remove stretch marks and restore the skin to the original state. But in their power to make stria and scars as less visible to the human eye. An important role here is the age of stretch marks. So, what are they "younger", the greater the potential of the skin to restore.

In the case of single stretch marks, the use of creams and ointments, various massages and wraps with algae can help prevent it. To eliminate stretch marks after childbirth, absolutely fresh, having a reddish-blue color, predominantly use the whole arsenal of physiotherapy, as well as grinding, peeling, fermentotherapy.

Old colorless scars can be removed, or rather, a little corrected, only by surgical method. You can also use the method of removing stretch marks by laser. In order to make the correction of stretch marks successful, specialists tend to apply alternating methods, taking into account the age of the stretch marks themselves, the age of the patient and other factors.

Removal of stretch marks on the skin
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