Effective treatments for thermal burns

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Thermal burns can be obtained from open fire, flaming or boiling liquids, with a touch of a hot device, such as iron or flat. Negligent handling of hot objects or fluid leads to the fact that a person burns up a piece of skin. Situations are different and there is no single recipe that could prevent a thermal burn. The only thing people should keep in mind is the implementation of safety rules that protect against possible accidents.

Depending on the degree of burns observed in humans, the level of necessary care is determined. There are four degrees of burns, where the first one is the weakest and the person can help himself, and the 4th when emergency medical care is needed, in some cases ends with a fatal outcome.

Effective ways to treat thermal burns at home:

1. Use sea buckthorn oil, it has bactericidal, healing properties. First of all, you need to handle a burned skin area to remove possible contamination. Then apply olive oil to the gauze bandage and fasten it so that the concentration of oil touches the burn. Every day there is no need to change the bandage, but it is worth checking the wound for the presence of pus if there is no pus, meaning the skin is in the process of healing. 3-4 days later, if the burn lasted and the skin dried, then the bandage can be removed.

2. Chicken eggs can help to deal with burns. If you have a burn of 1 degree, that is, the skin looks luminous and red, accompanied by an unpleasant burning effect, then treat the skin with alcohol and apply thick protein, it is not necessary to wash it. If burn is more serious then you need to make egg oil: egg yolk of one egg should be fried in oil until it is burned, and the butter is drained and with it to make compresses on the affected skin burn.

3. Sour cream will help your skin if you have received thermal burns while sunbathing on the beach. Lubricate the reddish body parts with sour cream and do not rinse. Sour cream is well absorbed, moisturizes the skin and soothes it. Before souring, you can add grated potato peel to quickly restore the upper layer of the skin.

If you have more complex severe burns, then you need to seek medical help. There are special preparations, ointments, creams that quickly and effectively deal with burns, you can buy them in a pharmacy.

Effective treatments for thermal burns

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