Effective prevention of visual impairment

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A large number of electronics and stresses lead to the fact that today vision problems have become the norm. However, the prevention of visual impairment remains relevant and is becoming more and more in demand.

Chronic strain of the visual system is a scourge of our time. A large amount of visual information on gadgets, paper, media carries a person to constantly perceive and sort out crazy data volumes. The lion's share of analysis is exactly in the eye.

Causes of visual impairment

The intelligent person understands that the prevention of visual impairment has undeniable advantages over treatment. But in order for prevention to be effective, it is necessary to eliminate all kinds of causes of visual impairment: poor workplace, lack of breaks, and so on. So, let's highlight the main preventive moments:

  • Self-organization;
  • training;
  • ration.


Everything should begin with work on yourself. If you can not organize the time so that you can take regular breaks at work - this is just your problem. For a non-permanent scattered person, none, even the most powerful prevention of visual impairment will not be effective. Do not forget about the effect of stress on vision. Sometimes, take a nice bath, get a massage therapist, meet with good friends more often, and if necessary, contact a psychologist.


You do not need to think that it's just about exercises for the eyes. Effective prevention involves physical exercise for the entire body - it is a great help to remove or mitigate the effects of other causes of visual impairment. Good blood circulation and stable pressure are very useful for the visual system. In addition, you can choose a sport that will train eye muscles (badminton, tennis, etc.) and maintain a collar area in the form.

Of course, no special training was canceled - this is the main prevention of visual impairment. Judging by the situation, it is necessary to determine whether you will have to do a couple of simple exercises a few times a week or to perform serious eye complexes every day. Remember that a timely break for relaxing and strengthening training does not reduce, but increases the productivity and efficiency of work.

A diet as a preventive measure against visual impairment

Before thinking about useful products, exclude harmful foods from the diet - alcohol, narcotic substances, and tobacco. Water shortages also have a very negative effect on the stars. Among the necessary substances it is worth allocating calcium, vitamins A, C, D, E. Among the products - currants, blueberries, blueberries, hips, sea buckthorn, sorrel, mountain ash. In general, just try to form a diet rich in all the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

If you have started the problem, and a simple warning of visual impairment is no longer necessary, be sure to visit your doctor. Try to pre-adjust to the fact that in order to restore the organs of vision will have to spend enough time and effort.

Effective prevention of visual impairment
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