Effective treatments for herpes

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Specialists have identified three main types of herpes: herpes simplex (herpetic fever), which affects the lining of the mucous membranes, genital herpes, which is transmitted exclusively by sexual contact and herpes zoster (the same is the shingles).

The last kind of herpes - scarlet lichen causes a side effect - chicken pox. It is necessary to understand that this infection, once caught in a cage, penetrates into the DNA, and from it it is not enough to get rid of it. In this case, infection, colds, fever, inflammation in the throat or stress can become the catalysts of the manifestation of this dormant until the time of the enemy - herpes is in a hurry to show itself at the slightest crash in the body, a problem with a state of health.

Remember - simple herpes is not transmitted sexually, unlike the genital. And herpes zoster is caused by the reactivation of the smallpox virus. It affects the nervous tissue.

In this material the subject matter will be about genital herpes. The first manifestation of the disease is pronounced in its symptoms and is manifested within the first three weeks after infection. But the virus of sexual herpes can stay in a latent state for a long time and not to manifest itself. With the constant presence of the pathogen in the body, systemic and consistent treatment gives good results.

Anxiousness has an increase in temperature, swelling of the glands, the appearance of bubbles on the genitals, in the perineum, at the gluteal muscles, around the navel, anus, weakness, feeling ill for two weeks or more. Do not pull - urgently seek medical advice and start treatment immediately. Relapses of sexual herpes occur quite often - they occur several times a month. But it can happen that the disease will manifest itself once in many years. It should be noted that after menopause women do not usually exacerbate.

Herpes is curable with medicinal herbs, many of which go to the preparation of external means. Especially effective gel on the licorice root, Echinacea tincture (unless it causes too much burning), the paste-like mass on the water of black nuts, the vinegar of the medicinal, yellow currant, is a medium of nuts in gray and a rusty yarn.

Also, in folk medicine for the control of herpes it is suggested to make a gel of aloe vera (without impurities) or make tincture with calendula and St. John's wort (myrrh). Such gels are used for external use.

Experienced herbalists recommend drinking medicinal teas from such herbs as: burdock, clover of meadow, white oak. They all contribute to the purification of blood and are plant antibiotics.

Effective treatments for herpes
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