Effective cystitis treatment

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When detecting the symptoms of a cystitis in yourself or a close person, you should not engage in self-medication. You can always get rid of inflammation of the bladder using modern effective methods of treating cystitis in women who offer medicine.

Therapy, as a rule, includes the use of medicines, diet therapy, auxiliary use of folk remedies and physiotherapy.

Cystitis is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder, which is manifested by painful accelerated urination and painful sensations during it. In most cases, the disease is caused by bacterial infection.

In children, cystitis is rare, may occur due to anatomical and structural pathologies, in which case the disease can lead to kidney damage, more often, teenage girls and women of all ages. Some women may have an illness after sexual contact. Women suffer from cystitis much more often than men. In men, cystitis is rare and is usually associated with diseases of the urinary tract. Genetics does not matter.

There are several forms of cystitis. The most common form of cystitis is bacterial cystitis, which is often caused by a bacterium that can normally be detected in the intestine. Cystitis in women usually develops when the bacteria from the anal or vaginal areas through the urethra passes into the bladder, which occurs during sexual intercourse or after an improper hygienic procedure after the act of defecation. The risk of developing the disease also increases if the bladder can not be completely empty. As a result, urine accumulates in the bladder, where bacteria begin to multiply.

What are the manifestations of cystitis?

The disease begins acutely. Its main manifestation is frequent and painful urination. Sometimes the patient has to pee every 15-20 minutes. During urination, and sometimes outside of it, there are pains in the suprapubic region. To start urination, you need to put some effort, and at the end of it may appear a few drops of blood. Urine may become cloudy.

Symptoms of cystitis in severe cases of the disease (acute cystitis):

  • Temperature rises;
  • Nausea appears;
  • vomit;
  • The urine becomes opaque, with a milky shade.

Perhaps all these signs signal another disease, so you should immediately contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Complex treatment

Principles of cystitis therapy are based on comprehensive diagnosis and identified causes of pathology. Urinary tract infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa. Proceeding from this, in urology there are several ways to treat cystitis.

Empirical therapy is aimed at suppressing pathogenic processes caused by a specific pathogen. In addition, the patient for a certain time prescribes abundant drink, a special diet. Remedies for pain and other unpleasant symptoms help symptomatic therapy. Admission of spasmolytic drugs prevents spasm of smooth muscle.

In the treatment of the bladder, including if the urine comes out with blood, it is not only expected to reduce unpleasant symptoms, but also to eliminate the root cause of the disorder (for example, the presence of stones in the cavity, prostate adenoma, urethral stricture). The disease is based on laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

An effective course of treatment for urological diseases includes:

  • Medical therapy (antibacterial drugs);
  • Use of folk medicine (recipes based on tinctures and decoctions of medicinal herbs, fruits, roots, berries, for example, cranberries);
  • Physiotherapeutic methods (baths);
  • Diet therapy and drinking regime (exclusion of acute, salty foods, alcohol, abundant drinking).

Modern prevention and treatment of cystitis

According to statistics, women tend to this disease, due to the peculiarities of their physiology. Chronic cystitis can be cured if you approach this process responsibly, with an understanding of the nature of the disease and the factors that provoke it.

First of all, in order to prevent relapses, it is necessary, at the first symptoms of acute inflammation, to seek medical advice and take appropriate measures.

Effective treatment of cytosine medications: fast and reliable help

The inherent pathology of symptomatology can significantly impair the state of health, temporarily deprive the normal working capacity. That is why using bladder inflammation should use the drugs offered by the doctor within the course of the course.

Self-treatment in the disease is unacceptable, since the first-best in the pharmacy antibiotic not only can be in vain, but also cause resistance to antibacterial active substance in the pathogen. In order to get rid of cystitis forever, and not for a short time, thorough medical treatment at the doctor-urologist with the delivery of all analyzes and control tests upon completion of the medical process is necessary.

Today for the treatment of the following drugs from cystitis are prescribed:

  1. Phytolysin is a plant-based preparation, which contains extracts of parsley root, birch leaves, and others. The device helps to cope successfully with infectious and inflammatory lesions of the genitourinary system, including acute and chronic cystitis. Phytolysin is available in the form of a paste, it has a diuretic, antispasmodic and analgesic effect.
  2. Monural - modern drugs for complex therapy of bacterial infections of the urinary system. The ease of use is in a single dose of the drug packaged in the form of powder in sachets of 3 g. Monural is mainly used for the treatment of acute cystitis.
  3. Furadonin - a medicine is a universal remedy that can treat various infectious urological diseases (including pyelonephritis and urethritis). However, the drug is often accompanied by side effects (vomiting, nausea).

The decision to treat cystitis and where, at home or in a hospital is usually taken by a physician based on an assessment of the general patient's health and the nature of the disease. It is not necessary to buy and take the described preparations independently, as the pathology is rather serious and requires thorough therapy.

Folk medicine: how to relieve pain and symptoms of infection?

The main therapy of the pathology is the administration of antimicrobial drugs. However, the doctor may recommend additional remedies that will help cure bladder by folk methods. As a rule, they are decoctions and infusions from leaves, fruits, roots and flowers of medicinal plants.

Effective treatment of cystitis (including blood) is not possible only by herbal remedies, the basis of therapy - antibacterial medication. However, alleviating the symptoms and accelerating recovery will help ensure:

  • Cranberry. Usually we are talking about cranberry juice if urinary tract infection is detected with all the resulting consequences. The cranberry contains an acid that changes the pH of the urine and creates conditions unsuitable for life of the bacteria. Also, the berry has a diuretic and restorative effect, its use is possible as prevention;
  • Rowan. Infusion of berries can be drunk for three days, unpleasant symptoms disappear for the second day;
  • Celandine. An infusion of dry or fresh herbs is prepared, after the reception comes relief in a day;
  • Seeds of flax. On their basis, a broth is prepared, quickly removes the symptoms of inflammation;
  • Lime honey This variety is considered the most curative, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

In the folk recipes, a variety of ways to prepare infusions and decoctions is presented, however, for the cystitis treatment to be successful and not to the detriment of health, consultation with a doctor is necessary before using any medication.

The disease requires a long course of treatment, especially in the long run. Preventive measures include the following recommendations:

  • Taking about 2-2,5 liters of liquid per day;
  • Regular emptying of the bladder, including before sleep and after sexual intercourse;
  • Reception of cranberry juice or cranberry extract;
  • Prevention of constipation;
  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Prevention of overcooling

The urinary system inflammatory therapy system uses a modern drug base in combination with behavioral therapy, as well as compliance with diet and diet.

Effective cystitis treatment
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