Edema is jasna

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Gum edema may be caused by several reasons. The exact diagnosis can be put only by the doctor.

Gum swelling is a rather unpleasant sensation, although pain may not be at all. However, you should immediately contact a dentist.

Causes of edema are clear

There may be several reasons for gum edema. The most common of these are periodontitis, abscess, edema after treatment or surgery performed by a dentist.

Periodontitis, or gingivitis

If the swollen gums are in the neck of the tooth, and the nature of the pain is dull and permanent, then it is likely to be an aggravation of gum inflammation (periodontitis). When you press a swollen spot, the pain does not increase. Mobility of the tooth is maintained. When gingivitis there is bleeding gums, both in a state of rest, and in the cleaning of teeth. Possible complications during periodontitis:

  • During pus from periodontal pockets;
  • The need for removal due to increased mobility of the tooth;
  • Intensifying the inflammatory process and the development of severe forms of the disease.

You should contact a dentist who will clear the plaque and stone, and also appoint an anti-inflammatory drug or gum on the gum and will help you to find a therapeutic toothpaste.

Abscess, or flux

If there is a large edema of the gum in 1-2 cm from the cervix of the tooth and is concerned about the strong pulsating pain that increases when pushed and gives to the ear or temporal, most likely, it is flux. If the abscess is not treated, then there will be a spread of edema on the adjacent teeth and area, inflammation will intensify. The body temperature can rise to 37.2 - 37.8 C. Contrary to popular belief, in any case, it is impossible to warm swelling of the gums. Since the effects can be quite serious (up to the loss of the tooth), should immediately contact a specialist. In this case, the dentist will prescribe an X-ray image of the gum. Swelling, if not large, is removed by anti-inflammatory drugs. If the therapeutic methods are not possible or ineffective, the doctor will resection of the root of the tooth.

Edema is clear after treatment of the tooth

There may be several reasons. For example, due to minor minor injuries, it is clear when performing dental manipulations or when infected during treatment. Inflammation of the gums after treatment usually takes 2-3 days. At this time, you can rinse with a faint warm solution of soda or infusion of chamomile pharmacy. If the edema of the gum lasts longer, a specialist consultation is required. Inflammation of the gums after tooth extraction can occur as a result of the removal of too large a root, increased strength of bone tissue or small incisions, as well as as a result of improper oral hygiene after surgery. Within 2-3 days, swelling usually drops.

Only an expert can make a precise diagnosis and call the cause of gum edema. Self-treatment or untimely treatment of a dentist threatens a deterioration of the situation or loss of tooth.

Edema is jasna
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