Ebola is mutating and spreading like an influenza, scientists say

Ebola Virus Mutating! (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

It is likely that the Ebola virus will soon begin to spread through the air, which will increase the number of its victims many times. Such an opinion is expressed by scientists who believe that such a mutation is inevitable.

Scientific controversy about whether the Ebola virus will infect people through the air, are conducted from the outset of the outbreak of the epidemic, which originated in West Africa and reached its peak last year.

Currently, the virus is transmitted only through contact with fluids, but its spread by airborne route can multiply the number of victims of the disease from which no medicine has yet been found.

A new analysis of Ebola's previous studies has shown that such a degeneration is very likely. The virus that killed 9300 people is on the verge of its mutation, experts say, publishing their findings in the journal of the American Society of Microbiologists mBio. The article states that although the current level of knowledge about the nature of the virus is sufficient, airborne transmission of the disease is very likely.

Scientists emphasize that to some extent the virus is already spreading over the air due to particles that are generated in the gastrointestinal tract and penetrate through the air in the lungs. However, professor at the University of Reading Jonathan Bale believes that the virus will continue to be transmitted with blood, and its probability of transition to airborne spread is extremely small.

"Well, what about the fact that some particles of the virus are generated in the air now, being a potential source of infection?" - The scientist thinks, "The root of the disease itself is in the mucous membranes." For its replication, the virus should get into the blood, so it is very difficult to guess which so it can cause lung infection spread through coughing and sneezing."

Ebola is mutating and spreading like an influenza, scientists say

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