Eat and lose weight: these products will help you get rid of excess weight

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Eating and getting worse is the dream of everybody who has ever sat on a diet or is planning to bring his figure in order.

We offer you a list of useful products that not only will not give you extra pounds, but will also help you remove a couple of centimeters in the waist. Pineapple

Rough pineapple fibers make the intestines work properly, and substances in the pulp contribute to weight loss. In addition, pineapple contains useful vitamins A, PP, B12, B2 and B1, which help to saturate the body.


This fruit lowers the level of insulin, which makes it less desirable to eat. You can get a significant reduction in weight, if with each meal you will eat half a grapefruit or drink 150 ml of juice from it.


The energy value of green is practically zero. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which accelerates the metabolism and helps to quickly get rid of fat deposits in the waist area.


It contains substances that promote the removal of slags and regulates metabolism. The ginger root improves the digestive process, and accelerating metabolism helps to lose weight faster. Fig

In fig there are many valuable ballast substances. It is enough to eat two or three fruits, and the feeling of hunger will retreat for a long period. The fig has a few calories, so you can have it without fear of a figure. Celery

Celery is considered one of the best dietary products. It contains a minimum amount of calories and a lot of fiber, and, therefore, it quickly fades the hunger without damaging the waist. Celery improves metabolism, which makes it possible not to worry about extra pounds. It quickly fills the stomach, bringing a minimum of calories and accelerating the burning process of fat. The most useful for weight loss celery cheese, so it is better to cook salads. Green tea

Promotes weight loss and green tea - it contains substances that contribute to the active burning of fats. Nutritionists recommend drinking 3 cups of green tea a day to get the maximum effect. It is believed that in this way you lose 70-80 calories a day. But to abuse this drink should not be, because it acts excitably on the nervous system.


The bran contains fiber and vitamins of group B, which contribute to lowering the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. The bran is slowly digested, so they are hungry for a long time. They can be consumed in pure form, added to different dishes or included in the diet of bran bread.


Wine, like any other alcohol, is a calorie product. In 100 ml of wine is from 60 to 200 kilocalories, depending on the content of sugar and ethyl alcohol in it. But calorie data are digested by a different principle than those coming from food, so the likelihood of obesity from them is very low.


Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help to burn excess calories in the waist area. Peanuts are perfect for snacks between the main meals. Thanks to peanuts, metabolism is accelerated, and fatty acids lower cholesterol levels. Almonds are rich in vitamins, calcium, food fibers, phosphorus, iron and fatty acids. Despite the high fat content, almonds contribute to weight loss, as part of the fat is excreted from the body, passing the stages of cleavage and absorption. In cedar nuts contains pometic acid, which reduces appetite, in addition, they have more saturated proteins than other types of nuts. Nuts are good for the body and contribute to weight loss, only they need in small quantities.

A successful strategy for long-term weight loss will, of course, be a combination of these products with physical exercises.

Eat and lose weight: these products will help you get rid of excess weight
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