Ear-ghorlo-nis: seasonal aggravation

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With the onset of autumn, doctors are watching a seasonal outbreak of lore diseases. In the exclusive interview with VitaPortal, the candidate of medical sciences, otorhinolaryngologist Volodymyr Zaitsev tells how to save health in the off-season.

- Vladimir Mikhailovich, in the summer you have less work than in the autumn-winter period?

- I can not say that lore diseases are pronounced seasonal in nature. In the summer, we are treated not less, but the diseases, of course, have their seasonal specifics. In the summer, during the holidays, often have to deal with diseases of the outer or middle ear, many conversions with sulfur-containing cork, which when swam in the reservoirs swell and close the auditory passage, resulting in the formation of ears and inflammation. Often you have to face aerotype - inflammation of the middle ear and external auditory passage, obtained during air travel. Well, sinusitis. During bathing, especially in reservoirs with "standing" water, people irrigate the nose and other divisions, thereby enriching the microbial flora of the haemorrhoids and other sinuses of the nose and inflammation of the perineal sinuses - sinusitis - begins.

- Irrigation of the nose with sea water - is it a well-known method of treatment? Is this a mistake?

- Before nasal wash it is necessary to treat very carefully. Not all water is suitable for this. Important and its purity on the microflora and salt composition. For example, the Black Sea in Ukraine and Bulgaria is absolutely not suitable for this. Or the dead sea of ​​Israel is the same. And the Cretan Sea of ​​Greece is well suited for this. In short, there are nuances that can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

- So, comes the offseason. Rains, lowering the temperature… in the otorhinolaryngologists, the work will be added?

- Of course, the autumn-winter period in otolaryngologists is the most intense season. Recently, there has been a sharp drop in temperature, the body does not have time to rebuild for autumn and winter, the immunity falls and problems with lor organs begin - the tonsillitis, sinusitis, frontis, tonsillitis and other diseases are exacerbated.

In addition, in the autumn, everyone returns from holidays, schoolchildren and students end up with holidays - in public transport, the metro sharply increases the number of people, and therefore increases the risk of contracting viral infections that provoke diseases of the ear, throat and nose.

- How to minimize the risk of getting a disease?

- The prevention measures are fairly simple and accessible to everyone. First, it is adequate clothing: do not need to wet in the rain, walk in quickly soaking shoes. Secondly, it is necessary to maintain the body with vitamins - now there are many natural vegetables and fruits, but it will not interfere with the course of pillived multivitamins, which have all the necessary composition, for daily use. And the third - adequate rest: the body should be restored after a working day, it is necessary to pour off, to eat properly, and in general, as it is called, to protect oneself. But this is a question of the culture of our attitude towards our health. It is clear that with gauze bandages we are not very used to travel around the city, but, for example, oksolinovym ointment, which is still one of the most effective antiviral agents - to lubricate the initial parts of the nasal cavity - is available to everyone.

- By the way, about culture and about the relation to their health. With which erroneous persuasion of patients most often faced lor-doctor?

- I'm always surprised by people for whom undead is a normal phenomenon. A person can hurt a month, change a few handkerchiefs a day and not take any action. Get off and go away! Think of the green nozzles - will go somehow! But this is already a serious (purulent) stage of sinusitis or etiomyiditis, with purulent discharge, which, without treatment, lor doctor, or "chronically", or will lead to even more severe complications! As a result, the patient proves herself to severe pain in the sinus sinus, when it is possible to remove the accumulation of mucus only with a puncture.

Incidentally, there is such a false belief - I always hear about it from patients - if you make a puncture of the sinus sinus, then develop chronic sinulitis, and you will do it constantly. This is an absolute myth! Chronic genital warts develop not through puncture, but from untimely treatment to lor-doctor. And if to turn to the time, to conduct a good treatment, then sinoritis will go unnoticed.

- With diseases, undead, we often resort to self-treatment. What methods of treatment do you think are unacceptable?

- I am interested in folk medicine and in the initial stages or for prevention many folk methods are good. But I always advise people to consult with a doctor.

What self-healing methods are unacceptable? First and foremost, these are different ways to warm the perineal sinuses. People love to put on hot nipples, bags of buckwheat and something else there. Not knowing that heating does not always contribute to healing. Therapy should be used only after consultation with the physician, and if the research shows that there is no purulent process. Otherwise, the heating of the mucus will cause reverse suction of manure into the bloodstream. It is necessary to understand that lore disease is a headache. In the head, the strongest hemodynamics, the number of vessels per unit area is most, so with a bad and wrong treatment can develop a septic state very quickly.

Secondly, it is an independent removal of sulfur congestion. I do not have a week in the reception, without a patient with a trachea injured during this process. A common case: the man inserted a cotton wand in the ear and forgot about it, and from the top he threw a towel on his head to dry his hair, and abruptly pierced the tympanic membrane. I meet with the same curiosities constantly.

Even now phyto-candles, which supposedly melt the sulfur masses, became popular. I urge everyone to treat them with great caution. When using a phyto candle, the drum chamber is strongly drained and a perforation can be formed - a hole that is tightened independently in a very small percentage of cases. Yes, and the effectiveness in terms of removing sulfur mass is very questionable - it is good to clean the ear can only lor doctor with special tools and under the control of vision.

Also, there is a belief that the bath - a good means for lor-diseases. This is not always the case. In diseases of the throat, when the sinusitis bath is unequivocally contraindicated. Bathhouse is an excellent means of prevention, but it is possible to treat the bath only if it is approved by the lor-doctor or therapist.

And in conclusion, I want to warn all parents. Never engage in self-medication for children. Even if it seems to you that you are confident in the correctness of your diagnosis - contact your pediatrician and consult a child's lor doctor.

I wish you all good health!

Ear-ghorlo-nis: seasonal aggravation
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