During stress with the body there are five unpleasant things

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Each of us during the day is facing stressful situations, but there are people who stay with them constantly and can not affect the events in any way. Doctors insist that a person should avoid any way in situations in which the body is stressed. This is a common notion known to all, but now scientists have introduced us to the real facts that indicate the impact of stress on health in general:

1 Reduced immunity. Every day we expose our immunity to negative effects from the outside world, and stress makes the immune cells always be "alert." Thus, immunity weakens to infections, because it constantly struggles with nervous tension. Immunity is still not able to restore the nervous system of the body after stress, we only think that we managed, but in fact nerve cells die together with the immune system. In order to believe in this fact it is not necessary to invent a bicycle, look at your past and compare stress with the appearance of any illness. Many people are diagnosed with oncology and one of the reasons may be chronic stress, the body simply does not withstand such a load.

2 Heart disease. From what do they arise? The response of the physicians is very simple - during the stress of each person, the rhythm of the heartbeat is more frequent, in any case, it does not matter what kind of stress you have caught up with: crashed the dog, stole a handbag, shouted the director, summoned the school about the behavior of the child, the drunk husband returned from Work and so on. Regular tachycardia destroys the heart, hence, various illnesses appear.

3 Gastritis and stomach ulcer. These are the most common diseases that people suffer after stress. At a time when a person is worried, worried or nervous, a protective reaction occurs in the stomach - it just stops. Remember, because immediately after a stressful situation you get sick or there are pains in the stomach. Such over-voltage "on/off" in the work of the stomach sooner or later will lead to gastritis, ulcers, and maybe even up to two of these diseases.

4 Problems with arterial pressure. Most often during stress, a person's blood pressure rises, she begins to blush, she lacks air and so on. The permanent presence of the body in a stressful state will lead to a chronic increase in pressure, which promises to us in the future diseases of atherosclerosis, getting a heart attack or a stroke.

5 Headache Transforms into a chronic form if in time it does not cope with stress. Many people are accustomed to believing that with the help of a headache pill, the situation will be exhausted, but in fact, in the future, it only deepens. If after a stress you have a headache, then you should immediately go away and abstract from the situation, restore strength and stop "twisting" yourself, go for a life with a positive one.

During stress with the body there are five unpleasant things
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