During the flirtation, the voice plays the most important role

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According to a new study published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, sex workers become more attractive as soon as they master certain skills of managing their own voice.

Researchers at Albright College have asked 40 students (20 men and 20 women) to rate the voices heard as more and less attractive. The researchers then asked the participants to repeat what they heard, making their voice more charming (after that they also asked for a tone that was more confident, more dominant). The second group of participants, consisting of 40 college students (20 men and 20 women), listened and evaluated all entries. It turns out that women do not distinguish between the degree of attractiveness of male voices, regardless of whether they speak naturally or try to seem more attractive.

However, for women, the results were exactly opposite. Women who are trying to seem more attractive are trying to slow down their language, lower the height of the voice and give it some hoarseness, and men perceive all these signs very favorably and in fact as a call to action. According to most representatives of the strong sex, the "sexual voice" should be lower.

So why is the voice so important when it comes to sexual attractiveness? Researchers argue that our ability to change the voice, as well as the ability to perceive subtle differences in the voices of other people, is the result of evolutionary changes.

With the voice of the interlocutor, you can find out the various biological factors that are of paramount importance when choosing a sexual partner.

During the flirtation, the voice plays the most important role
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