Dry skin: 7 reasons and solutions

What Is Dry Skin? Causes & Treatment | Simple Ways To Cure Dry Skin | Dry Skin Treatment (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Autumn - cold winds, rain with snow, dry air in the rooms… All this can not but affect the condition of the skin, which drops moisture drastically, begins to peel and lose the elastic healthy look, which we were so happy in the summer.

However, the autumn season is not the only reason for the deterioration of the skin. In many ways, we, without knowing it themselves, hurt our actions, and suffer not only the face but the body as well. So, what are the main causes of the increased dryness of the skin and what can we help her…

1. Weather factors

Autumn and winter, especially in the harsh Ukrainian climate, is a difficult test for the skin.

With a decrease in the temperature of the environment, the level of humidity decreases. Dry air dries and the skin, removing moisture from it, - the skin becomes drawn, begins to peel and itch.

Central heating or heaters in the premises does not fix the situation. On the contrary, they dry more air - and your skin too.

Solution: Control the indoor air humidity.

Purchase a humidifier and keep the humidity indoors at a level of 45-55% at a temperature of 20-22 °.

Before going outdoors in the cold season, protect the skin, creating a barrier to loss of moisture. For example, use special protective cream and lip balms.

2. Hot showers

What could be more pleasant hot shower in cold weather? It warms up, soothes the pain in the muscles and bones, but is not very useful for the skin.

Hot water deprives the skin of the essential fatty components it needs. And the longer you stand under the hot shower, the stronger you dry your skin.

Solution: Take a cool shower and do it quickly

Do not spend more than 5 minutes in your shower.

3. Dry the skin soap

Not all cute are the same. Pay attention to the cute that you use. Using a rough soap, you reduce the moisture content of the skin.

Solution: choose soft soaps that not only clean, but also moisturize. In the cold season, it is preferable to choose soaps specifically designed for dry skin.

4. Prickly scrub

Do you think that for qualitative skin cleansing you need to scratch? This is not the case at all. Rough wipes damage the skin, increasing its dryness.

Solution: choose a soft sponge or your hands. You just clean your skin, but do not damage it.

5. Wiping after the shower

The shower saturates the skin with moisture, and the skin absorbs a portion of this water. But, wiping dry after the shower, you deprive it of this moisture.

Solution: Use towels is necessary, but it is better to leave the skin slightly damp, then apply a special moisturizer or lotion to it. The product should contain components such as ceramides (for sensitive skin), urea, lactic acid, dimethicone, and vaseline (for very dry skin). These substances "lock" the moisture inside, creating an effective protective barrier.

The person needs other moisturizers - they should be non-congenital, that is, do not clog pores, and contain protective factors for the SPF (despite the cold season).

6. Irritants

Are you snoring from your favorite sweater? Maybe the reason is in the fabric, or the detergent powder, or the laundry rinsers that you use. The skin can irritate a lot of substances - from dyes to deodorants.

Solution: Look for products designed for sensitive skin.

Pay attention to the marking: as a rule, they are labeled free. Such products usually do not have flavors, artificial dyes and other substances that can irritate the skin. Choose clothing from soft, soft natural fabrics - cotton and silk, not polyester and wool.

7. Health

Redness and peeling of the skin, which are not saved by conventional means, may also be a sign of various diseases, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Solution: Contact a dermatologist to find out the cause.

Dry skin: 7 reasons and solutions

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