Drugs for alcoholism

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If you are unsure whether it is worth living for the person who consumes alcohol, remember what harm the alcohol causes to the body, how the person behaves at the time of intoxication, the consequences of which can be attributed to drinking.

You can never forget that alcoholism is a real disease that affects not only the organs of a person and his nervous system, but also the psyche. It is best to begin treatment for alcoholism at the first signs. However, cures for alcoholism are not a panacea.

The effectiveness of alcoholism treats enormous influence and the patient's desire to change something in his life. This factor often becomes decisive. Only a person interested in a qualitative change in his life and full recovery will properly perceive the words of doctors and listen to their advice. In this regard, it is best to treat alcoholism at the patient's own will.

There are the following stages of treatment for alcoholism:

  • Removal of painful sensations from abstinence;

  • Elimination of traction for alcohol;
  • Treatment of mental complications;
  • Treatment of alcohol-related disorders;
  • Change in the influence of alcohol on the human body.

For the treatment of alcoholism it is accepted to use the following drugs: Polividone, Magnesium sulfate, Colme, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Clonidine, Disulfiram, Glycine, Medikhronal, Proprotene. Polyvidon or Hemodesis Is a polymer low molecular weight compound that helps cleanse the body from toxic substances. The removal of these substances is carried out through the kidneys. Cleaning the body with this drug takes up to 24 hours.

Detoxification of the body is often carried out with the help of Magnesium sulfate. This means normalizes the balance of electrolytes contained in the blood, relieves mood disorders, mental stress. Moreover, Magnesium sulfate has a sedative effect, a weak tranquilizer.

One of the most popular drugs for today is Kolme. Country of origin: Spain. The action of the drug is aimed at producing an aversion to humans to alcohol.

Thiamin or Vitamin B1 Helps to prevent various neurological complications at the time of treatment and prevention of alcoholism. Eliminates hangover syndromes and its consequences reflected in the psyche.

Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 Promotes normalization of metabolism in the central nervous system. It smoothes out the harmful effects of alcohol intoxication.

Such a drug like Clonidine Stopping the manifestation of vegetative symptoms. Has a sedative effect. The drug is often enhanced by tranquilizers. Does not suppress breath, does not create euphoric effect.

Alcohol Pills Disulfiram Or " Teturams "Blocking enzymes, disinfecting alcohol. If after using this drug to drink alcohol, there will be a strong reaction of the body that causes painful sensations: severe nausea, weakness, headache, heart palpitations, heat, pressure, etc. This is an effective way to disdain alcohol Drinks and their complete rejection of the body.

Glycine, Known as Glyciside, is an effective anti-stress remedy. Has a sedative effect on the body, promotes the normalization of metabolic processes in the brain. The drug is able to relieve craving for alcohol, manifestations of "hangover", depression, irritability and irritability.

Most often " Medihronal "Is used to prevent the severe consequences of alcoholism and withdrawal status. It weakens the chronic dependence on drinking, increases the activity of the cerebral cortex.

" Proven "- a popular remedy that has a homeopathic effect on the body, the drug is often used as an antidepressant, it weakens the urge for alcoholic beverages, is sold in the pharmacy either in the form of tablets or in drops, and may be used in combination with other medicines.

It is worth noting that a large number of medicines do not improve the situation with alcoholism. The fact is that the independent treatment of the disease leads to serious consequences and has no expected effect.

In case of any problems related to the dependence on alcohol, the correct decision will be to apply to a special drug treatment center.

The medication approach is definitely effective, but psychotherapy, which professionals must provide, plays an important role in the treatment. Only a competent combination of these two methods will get the best effect and help to become on the feet of the patient.

Drugs for alcoholism
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