Created a drug that prolongs human life

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Scientists from the Scientific Research Institute of the Scripps discovered a new class of drugs that significantly slow down the aging process in animals, relieve symptoms of weakness, improve heart function and increase the duration of a healthy life.

For this new class of drugs, the term "senolytics" was conceived - the genoletics.

"We consider this study to be the first major step towards developing treatment methods that will help maintain health, cure age and prolong life for patients," said Professor Paul Robbins. "The prototypes of senolics have proven their ability to ease some of the characteristics associated with It can ultimately postpone, prevent, alleviate or even reverse multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities."

Aging cells, which are cells that have stopped separation, accumulate with age and accelerate the aging process. As the health of mice improved upon the destruction of these cells, scientists decided to figure out how to identify aging cells without damaging healthy ones. Experts have found that aging cells, like cancer, have high expression of specific molecules that help resist death. After that, the researchers focused on two available compounds: dasatinib, anticancer drugs, and quercetin, a compound that acts as antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs. Scientists have found that these compounds, which have been identified as synolytics, selectively induce the death of aging cells.

In experiments on animals, the senolynics significantly improved the function of the cardiovascular system, overall endurance, reduced the risk of osteoporosis and bone fragility, increasing life expectancy. While drugs have been tested only on animals, future studies will examine their effects on humans.

Created a drug that prolongs human life
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