Drug effect of sugar

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The study involved a hundred high school students. The activity of the brain of the children was monitored directly while the subjects were drinking milk chocolate cocktails.

Identical calorie drinks differed only in percentage of fat and sugar. So, in one of them exceeded the percentage of fat with a low amount of sugar, and in the second, respectively, - on the contrary.

Scientists have noticed that both types of cocktail touches the pleasure centers located in the brain. At the same time, drinks with high sugar content were able to cope with this much more efficiently.

In fact, sugar is an extremely powerful stimulant, even ahead of its activity even fat. And given the fact that in many drinks and food, these two components are combined in large proportions, the situation becomes simply catastrophic.

Eric Stace is the author of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health in the United States. He made an interesting statement about the prevention of obesity, arguing that there is a direct relationship between the amount of sugar used and the desire for its continued constant consumption.

The activity of the centers of satisfaction of the brain was proved in connection with the consumption of fat and sweet, similar to that which occurs as a result of the influence of drugs and alcohol. However, the degree of harmful effects is still not definitely defined.

Such amazing results explain the unsuccessful attempts of millions of people to lose weight, gnawing the body with exhausting diets. However, in the world every day, the number of people who are obese increases. And the main cause of overweight is to a greater extent sugar and unhealthy eating in general, contrary to the conviction that a sedentary lifestyle is a leading position. Such a statement is made on the basis of the results of English scholars.

The head of the study - cardiologist Asim Malhotra - notes that the last thirty years are characterized by a practically unchanged level of physical activity of the population of the planet. At the same time there is a sharp increase in the level of obesity, as a result of which we can conclude that the blame for all - a large amount of calories consumed by modern humans.

Scientists also point out that unhealthy eating affects health and the progression of obesity is far greater than inadequate physical activity, smoking and alcohol combined. This is amazing for most. Doctors are convinced that the distorted idea about the causes of obesity is largely provoked by marketers. For example, advertising slogans and manufacturers' calls for the daily drink of carbonated beverages encourage people to consume them even while exercising.

All this leads to sad consequences, because the WHO official data is alarming: obesity is an epidemic of a global scale. According to statistics, every year more than two and a half million people worldwide die from illnesses that are overweight.

In addition to other ailments, extra pounds provoke oncological diseases. So, cancer affects annually twenty-two thousand people who are obese (and this is only in the UK!). The epidemic of obesity is considered the most significant cause of cancer, not counting smoking, which ranks first. More than 7 percent of oncological illnesses are caused by overweight. This conclusion was made by members of the World Cancer Research Foundation.

Thus, the assertion of scientists is unlikely to please sweet lovers, because sugar really does cause dependence on a person, like alcohol or narcotic. The effect of products containing sucrose, fructose or glucose is quite comparable to that of the brain of alcohol or drugs.

In the process of interaction of the body with sugar, the following occurs. Sweetness to speech causes the receptors to send a certain signal to the regions of the brain. Then this information is processed by neurotransmitters, which in the future will subconsciously push to re-eat sweets.

Taking into account all of the above, physicians recommend to reduce the consumption of products containing sugar in any form, in order to avoid its negative impact on the body.

Drug effect of sugar
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