Doctors told how to look after their ears every day

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Most of the ears could have been avoided if people were properly cared for and not self-medically trained.

The most important thing in hygiene of the ears is not to damage the protection set by nature itself. In the skin of the auditory passage there are sulfur glands secreting a special secret that does not allow the development of an infection that has hit the outside. And the villi push out the secret outside. To avoid damaging the villi, wash your ears, and do not torment them with cotton wands.

If an object gets into your ear, you do not have to try to pull it with your fingers, tweezers, knitting needles, studs, toothpicks and other "instruments" that fall into your hand. You should leave everything as it is and ask your doctor as soon as possible. And if in the ear accidentally got some kind of stupid fly or missed a mosquito, you can pour into the earlobe vegetable oil or vodka. They will kill the insect, and it will come out with the liquid. And if you get stuck - hands off your ears and run to the doctor!

Deciding to do piercing, think about your safety. Note that if you carry out this procedure in an untested location, then you can earn an infection, rough keloid scars and an allergy to metals. In addition, if you pierce, you can damage important nerves or arteries. Even the most innocent procedure - piercing the ears - may not be so harmless if it is conducted by an unprofessional. According to ancient Chinese medicine, more than a hundred biologically active points are located on the earlobe that are responsible for various organs and body parts, especially the eyes, nose and throat. Therefore, there is a risk of getting "out of there" and acquiring chronic headaches or runny nose and recurrent tonsillitis.

It would seem that there is no need to convince anyone that smoking is harmful to health. Still, scientists continue to seek and find new and new evidence of this sad fact. Of course, in comparison with the harm that tobacco inflicts on our lungs, heart and vessels, any other troubles seem trivial. And yet for anyone, every new argument can become the last drop that will bend the scales in favor of a decision to quit smoking.

Consequently, American scientists have found that smoking can cause partial hearing loss to old age. A 5-year study lasting 4,000 people in middle and older age showed that smokers with an age of 1.7 times more often became deaf.

Doctors told how to look after their ears every day
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