Doctors told how to increase chances of conception of a child

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So, it is a question of full men, who, according to studies, when weight loss increases the likelihood of pregnancy with a partner. Also, experts have found an anticancer drug that can become a real salvation for infertile men.

It's no secret that doctors are advised to lose weight to stingy women who want to get pregnant. Now this advice also applies to their partners. A team of experts from the University of Sherbrooke conducted a study. It was attended by 65 couples who asked the reproductionist. Men traveled weekly to group sessions devoted to proper nutrition and physical activity.

As a result, the men who managed to lose the most excess weight were able to conceive a child. There is reason to believe that obesity directly affects the number of sperm and the quality of sperm itself due to DNA changes.

With regard to anticancer drugs, it is about letrozole. It is commonly used to treat breast cancer and infertility in women. It is known: an excess of adipose tissue leads to hormonal imbalance in men. Due to shifts in the levels of sex hormones, the number of sperms decreases. Letrozole does not break down testosterone with the subsequent formation of estrogen. An experiment with 12 men suffering from hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (a form of infertility caused by obesity) showed that two could conceive children, although they had a diagnosis of infertility for at least 3 years.

Doctors told how to increase chances of conception of a child
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