Doctors told how to drink tea

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Many people are accustomed to starting the morning with a cup of tea - this becomes for most of the ritual. But you need to know a lot of subtleties so that this procedure is as useful as possible and does not harm the body.

Tea can be taken on an empty stomach It turns out that the consumption of tea on the hungry stomach suppresses secretion of gastric juice and can lead to a decrease in the total content of acid and bile in the stomach. It has become known that tea affects the absorption by the body of proteins and other nutrients. Therefore, remember that having a morning hungry stomach can lead to loss of appetite over time.

Do not drink very hot tea The hot drink will irritate and burn first the throat, then the esophagus and the mucous membrane of the stomach. It should be borne in mind that the use of too hot tea can lead to scarring. Specialists specify - the temperature of tea should not exceed 56 degrees.

It is harmful to drink very strong tea If tea breaks high concentrations, it increases the content of caffeine, and this can further affect our health - you will get acquainted with headaches, insomnia, find out what dehydration is, and will encounter problems with digestion. Try to maintain the recommended dose of tea and monitor its saturation when brewing.

Do not brew tea for too long If the tea breaks out too long, it will turn out to be too strong - and here the water temperature is not important. The drink will be bitter and, according to experts, this tea is completely inappropriate for drinking because of its destruction at the time of consumption of all vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. In this case, the tea turns out to be a tasty and unprofitable drink.

Do not brew tea many times The maximum number of breaks of good leaf tea is 3-4 times, otherwise there is a great chance to get a tastier and not fragrant drink. But flavored tea can be brewed only 1 or 2 times.

It is not recommended to drink large amounts of tea before eating Do not lie down on tea before going to eat - tea affects our ability to distinguish the taste, making the food tasteless. Also, it can damage the absorption of protein in the body.

You should not drink tea right after eating Tannin substances of tea and in this case will not go to the benefit. It is recommended to drink tea not earlier than half an hour after eating.

Do not drink tea with medicines! All the same tannic substances can absorb any medications without allowing them to absorb the body. It is wise to drink drugs with plain water, and drink only freshly-cooked tea.

Doctors told how to drink tea
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