Doctors told how to be protected from ticks

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In the capital forests and parks activated mites. According to the chief medical Kyiv City Health Center Otto Racks, hospital Kyiv this year has received 7 patients with Lyme disease, which carry infected ticks.

With the help of specialists, we have prepared tips on how to not fall victim to parasite bites.

Many in the capital is chosen to rest in woods and parks, while not forget mites, which intensified with the onset of heat.

"Entsefalitnoho tick in Kiev there, but some of these insects can carry borreliosis (Lyme disease). For three months this year in the capital hospitalized 7 patients with this diagnosis. To diagnose the disease not just because its symptoms resemble a cold and acute respiratory disease, in patients with is temperature and chills. If the disease is not treated, it can adversely affect the human nervous system, "- said Otto rack.

If you are bitten by a tick, do not panic, because not every insect is infected, but even if so, it risks catching tick borreliosis in the first days after the bite, up 50%. Specialists of the Kiev city health center have given advice on how to protect themselves from ticks.

When visiting places where ticks can be found, it is recommended: - Dress in bright solid color clothing with long sleeves, which tightly to the body to make it easier to see crawling insects. Head should be covered with headgear; - Carry out a walk review every 2 hours and once again at home; - To free the place for harbors from dry grass, branches, humus within a radius of 20-25 m, it is not necessary to sleep in the nature; - At home, immediately change clothes, linen, carefully inspect them, wash and tidy up. You can not leave this clothes at bedside or sleep in it. The extinguishing of clothes does not relieve the mites; - If your dog was in the nature with you - it should also be checked for the presence of ticks before they are taken to the apartment. - Use repellents (anti-mosquito repellents). Drugs should be bought in the pharmacy network, applied according to the instructions. The use of repellent should be based on the characteristics of your body. In case of allergic reactions you should contact your doctors.

Where is the mite more frequently sucked? Having caught on to a man's clothes, the mites crawl on the body and suck to places with the finest skin: behind the ears, on the neck, under the armpits, in the inguinal area. Therefore, when you return home, be sure to check for the presence of ticks.

Can you remove the mite yourself? In the absence of the possibility to consult a doctor, the removal is carried out on its own: slipping the tick from side to side with fingers wrapped with gauze napkin, tweezers or loop of thread, which should be fixed between the proboscis mite and human skin, should be removed slowly together with the proboscis.

After removing the mite, place the suction area with 3% solution of iodine, alcohol or cologne. If the proboscis remains in the wrists, remove it with a sterile needle. After removing, wash hands thoroughly with soap. But it is better to turn to the emergency room, where you will be given all the necessary help.

Doctors told how to be protected from ticks

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