Doctors told about who avocado is useful

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Recently, nutritionists have begun recommending the use of one of the most exotic fruits in Ukraine - avocado. The thing is that avocados contain a lot of nutrients that are incredibly beneficial for human health. Of course, in times of crisis, it is difficult to afford to eat every day of avocado and dishes from it, but to make this fruit in your diet is still worth at least 2-3 times a week.

Nutritionists have shared their knowledge about the benefits of avocados:

1. Despite the high caloric content, avocados are considered dietary product, so it is introduced into the diet of people who want to get rid of extra pounds. An avocado can clean the digestive system from harmful substances and reduce the level of cholesterol cells several times, thereby positively affecting the result of weight loss.

2. Avocados are useful to hypertensive people and people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. Due to the exotic fruit, blood pressure is normalized, the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, arthrosis and others is reduced.

3. You will be surprised, but avocado will save your eyesight, as it struggles with substances called "free radicals" that negatively affect the health of the eyes and, accordingly, the state of vision. This is due to the presence of lutein in the fruit.

4. Avocados - it is quite fatty fruit, it contains fatty acids and therefore it is often used in cosmetology. Humidification and nutrition of the skin occurs due to the ingestion of fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins from pulp and avocado juice. So if you can not eliminate dryness and lethargy of the skin, then you can help with this an avocado mask.

5. Again, due to the useful substances in its composition, avocados can eliminate the problem of loss and deterioration of the appearance of hair. It strengthens and restores hair, gives it shine and energy. Enough to apply on a damp hair mask from an avocado and vegetable oil for 20-30 minutes to make sure its effectiveness.

6. Avocados stops the processes of aging in the body both externally and internally. Scientists have proven that with the help of avocados you can prolong your life, supporting the internal organs in a state of eternal youth, as well as smooth wrinkles, indicating the approach of old age.

Doctors told about who avocado is useful

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