Doctors have found a way to cure a dangerous strain of bird flu h7n9

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Moreover, virologists still can not find the source of the flu and determine the clinical characteristics of the disease. One thing is clear: many infected symptoms are extremely severe. Fortunately, there are no recorded facts of the transmission of the virus among humans. Professor Jurgen Richt leads the United States Department of Homeland Security's Zoonotic and New Infection Program.

Together with colleagues, he studies the H7N9 virus, expressing concerns about mutations in the viral genome. In particular, the replacement of S31N in the M2 protein makes the strain resistant to blockers of the ion channel M2. Other isolated strains contain the mutation R292K in the structure of neuraminidase, which leads to resistance to popular drugs - Oseltamivir and Zanamiviru. And this is the only effective medicine for various types of influenza to date.

There is no immunity against the H7N9 virus, like the vaccine. Therefore, scientists are betting on drugs. Experts found that interferon alpha-n3 suppresses wild-type strains and Tamiflu resistant. On the basis of this interferon already established medicines approved for use in the clinic. Therefore, in the event of a pandemic, doctors may have an effective remedy on their hands.

Doctors have found a way to cure a dangerous strain of bird flu h7n9
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