Doctors have discovered an unusual property of coffee

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Many people struggle with baldness for years. Doctors still can not offer a 100% working tool.

However, some experts argue that ordinary coffee may be an effective remedy.

Known that caffeine is able to penetrate the roots of hair, Dr. Adolf Klenk says.

It has been proven that caffeine counteracts the effect of testosterone, which affects the suppression of hair growth.

Caffeine can be applied directly to the hair follicles. If you take into account caffeine coming through the gastrointestinal tract, then the person will have to drink 40-50 cups of coffee per day.

And such a dose is clearly toxic to the body. But rinsing hair with a solution containing caffeine can stop hair loss by 20%. Unfortunately, if the hair has already fallen, caffeine will not save, because the grounds of hair have died.

Doctors have discovered an unusual property of coffee
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