Doctors categorically prohibit doing this in the cold

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There are 6 health-poor mistakes that are not recommended for those who care about their health in the cold. In November, the street is already quite cool and day by day the temperature will fall until the real winter colds come. In order to maintain maximum health at this time of year, you can not do the following things in the cold.

First, do not wrap your nose and mouth scarf - this is a chance to earn sore throat or bronchitis. After all, the steam that you exhale in the wool, under the influence of cold can turn into ice, and already the next portion of the inhalation will be filtered through the ice layer, the air will become even colder. From such a mision, the face freezes even more. When a person wrapped his face with a scarf, the nose does not breathe and has to get oxygen in his mouth, which means that he swallows the frosty air. It is important to thoroughly clean your nose before you go out into the cold.

Secondly, many people with nasal congestion use nasal vasoconstrictive drops to restore respiration. But before going to the cold it's not recommended to do this - because these drops narrow the vessels in the nasopharynx, and the low temperature on the street completes this process. All this leads to unpleasant sensations when there is dryness and perspiration in the nasopharynx. In this case, the mucus does not protect against unhealthy microorganisms.

Third, do not hurry! Wrapped and frozen people in the cold start to bustle and try to go fast. From this respiration and pulse become more frequent. If you start to freeze - go to any room for a few minutes - get warm, hang up, wait, balance your breath and heartbeat. And then go ahead.

Fourthly, in the cold you breathe in small portions. This becomes the cause of hypoxia (lack of oxygen), increases in cardiac load, because it increases the number of reductions per minute and in this background someone starts tachycardia, someone may start to feel a severe headache. Advice - it is better to lose a few minutes, go to the store-cafe-pharmacy and how to warm up, breathe and saturate the blood with oxygen.

Fifth, in no case do not drink hot before leaving! After warming up the tea, you will start to lose heat in the street. Plan your tea plan at an earlier or late hour.

Sixth, do not think before taking the cold to take a hot shower and wash your head. In this case, you are guaranteed overcooling.

Doctors categorically prohibit doing this in the cold
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