Doctors advised how to quickly cure a baby's runny nose

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Treatment of undernutrition in children is somewhat different from that of adults.

When treating rhinitis in a child, follow these guidelines:

Regularly remove mucus from the nose. Young children can not do this on their own. If you do not remove the mucus in time, it will accumulate and quickly trouble breathing.

From time to time, the room in which the patient is sick should be ventilated. The air should not be too dry and with temperatures up to 20-24 degrees. While the room is ventilated, the child should be taken out of it. Treatment of colds in a fresh atmosphere is much easier, and medical products are more effective.

Adenoids are often the cause of chronic rhinitis, so it is better to remove them in a timely manner. Applying medicines with each inflammation of adenoids can be ineffective.

From pharmaceuticals it is recommended not to use vasoconstrictive drops, but preparations based on natural ingredients (eg, Pinosol). Such drugs have been well documented in the treatment of colds in children.

Put the child so that her head in relation to the body is at an angle of 45 degrees. This contributes to the outflow of mucus.

Methods of treatment

You can cure a baby's runny nose by using drops that are sold in pharmacies. Let's list some of them:

  • Drops with furatsilinom. Such means are used in severe lingering cold, which is accompanied by significant edema.
  • Protargol. Preparation with silver ions. It is harmless to patients of any age, therefore it can be used for children.
  • Lactoglobulin Recommended for infants. It has a good bactericidal, immune-irritating effect.
  • Collargon Also contains silver ions. Due to its powerful antimicrobial properties, it is recommended for use in adenoids.
Doctors advised how to quickly cure a baby's runny nose
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