Doctors advised not to harm the body on new year's holidays

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Three weeks later, we will plunge into the celebration of such a long-awaited New Year, and then the Nativity of Christ, the New Year according to the old style. Each holiday is necessarily accompanied by feasts with a lot of booze and a variety of food. It is important to know how to spend these wonderful holidays and not to hurt your health.

Doctors have once again reminded us of the common truths that we constantly forget about the basic rules of a safe feast. A solid dose of alcohol, a variety of salads, sliced ​​and sweets that we throw in the stomach without much paralysis, plus lack of sleep and activity without the measure, can cause serious damage to health.

First of all, doctors recommend not to abuse alcohol, which in most cases becomes the main cause of poisoning and often leads people to critical condition, up to a fatal outcome. Remember: do not mix alcohol and reduce the degree of drink.

If you decide to celebrate the New Year with champagne, then either drink it all the holiday, or just feel symbolically, and then go to the main drink for you, in no way abusing. It is also worth refusing cocktails with tonic - the carbon dioxide present in them, which can irritate the mucus and bring about intoxication. Ideally, before eating a feast, eat something greasy, for example, a sandwich with fish or oil.

The second tip is to drink water. Do not forget about water during a stool, because alcoholic drinks have diuretic properties, the body loses fluid, while the blood becomes thicker, which increases the load on the heart. In this case, alcohol is also very heavy for the liver. It is best to drink low-alcohol drinks, but not abusing. A good proportion of proportions will save you from bad consequences: 1 glass of wine - 2 glasses of water.

The third rule of New Year's zestles - do not abuse the fat and high-calorie food, do not overeat. Remember: New Year is a holiday, not an occasion to eat. Avoid various greasy dishes, fried meat, all kinds of salads, seasoned with mayonnaise, pies and various sweets. Let your New Year's table replete with light vegetable and dietary salads, as well as cold appetizers. It is better to stop meat from rabbit meat or poultry. But hot dishes should be excluded - at night, our body is not at all on hot and heavy food.

The fourth rule is to minimize stormy dancing and eliminate completely rude actions. Being drunk, we are ready for "feats" - forgetting about eaten and age, we begin to show the miracles of plastic and acrobatics, which next day are marked by stretching and pain of hands, legs, back or shoulders.

Be careful with the New Year's contests, do not be fooled thoughtlessly - the New Year must end with the opportunity for you to be in a row a week and continue to celebrate Christmas.

Doctors advised not to harm the body on new year's holidays
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