Doctors advise 40-year-old to think about health

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British experts found that the average resident of the UK begins to hear the first bells that announce that it's time to get on the path to health and longevity in about 39-40 years. A study of 2,000 adults aged 25 years and older showed that 85% of 40 years of age reached the point in life when they began to think about the consequences of their lifestyle. Only by the age of 40 people begin to correct mistakes of the past. Three-quarters of the participants in the study are so concerned about their health, refusing to smoke, drinking alcohol, switching to healthy eating and starting to actively attend the gym.

However, the majority still does not leave the idea that they are unlikely to be able to eliminate the damage to health, inflicted before. By the way, according to experts, some people even throw work to eliminate health risks. 64% of those polled admitted that they regretted that in their youth they did not pay enough attention to their health.

Professor Alf Lindeberg, a leading author of the study, devoted his entire life to studying the prevention and treatment of diseases. He says he still can not explain the reason why people are so careless about their health. In youth they drink, smoke, do not engage in physical activity, eat poorly and only until the age of 40 come to the conclusion that the consequences of such a way of life will inevitably manifest themselves and can cost precious years of life.

"Studies show that the more people care about their health from the earliest years, the greater the likelihood that they will live a long and healthy life", - the British scientists summed up.

Doctors advise 40-year-old to think about health
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