How to not poison medicine with a home medicine kit

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No matter how strange, but among domestic poisoning caused by chemicals, 70% of them are poisoned with drugs. That is why the medicines from our home remedies are a health hazard.

What drugs are the most dangerous? It has long been known to everyone that misuse of the medicine can lead to serious complications.

The greatest danger is the drugs, which have a very small difference between the maximum effective dose and the toxic dose.

The list of such dangerous drugs are the following drugs:

1. Painful, Which are in all the first-aid kits without exception. So, paracetamol in the amount of one tablet will bring relief from the pressing pain, and its overdose can cause severe liver damage. At the same time overdose occurs unnoticed - a person takes one drug for another, without paying attention to their composition. It often happens that all of this is the same paracetamol, which is issued by different firms under 26 different names.

2. Antibiotics, Which in small and medium doses destroy virtually all beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, vagina, on the skin. But by doing so, they open the way for other microorganisms that are less susceptible to this antibiotic (eg, Candida fungus).

In large doses, a number of antibiotics begin to negatively affect organs and tissues. Most often, the kidneys and the liver become victims. It is known that some antibacterial drugs can accumulate in the organs, thereby causing a violation in their functioning.

3. Drops from a cold Which have a vasoconstrictor effect.

They help to remove the lining of the nose, and with prolonged use begin to narrow the vessels of the brain, which is expressed here in dizziness, headaches. It's important for parents to know - overdose of drops in the nose can even lead to a loss of consciousness by the child.

4. Antidepressants Anti-allergy and blood pressure medications that are also common in home-made first aid kits. These are tazepam, phenozepam, relaxanum, which have an effect on the human's mental functions and can cause severe cardiac complications, toxic effects on the blood vessels, liver and kidneys.

5. Phytomedicines and medicinal plant extracts May also be hazardous to health. The fact is that when treating herbs it is difficult to determine the dosage of active compounds. And more vegetable substances can modify the effect of other drugs. So, the golden root is contraindicated in hypertensive crises and sharply expressed symptoms of neurological diseases. And, for example, black-winged mountain ash is dangerous with increased blood clotting, gastritis and peptic ulcer.

How to not poison medicine with a home medicine kit
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