Diseases (July 2018)

Acne on the lobby

Acne On The Lobby

Acne on the forehead is more characteristic of young boys and indicates a large release of hormones androgens in the blood. They can be expressed in a mild degree, single nodes, of an average degree of 30 elements, of a severe degree more than 30 pieces and spread to other areas. The main remedy for acne on your forehead is to find your rhythm in everyday life.

Acne on the nose

Acne On The Nose

Acne on the nose can be in adolescents and adults. If the young creatures can not survive, but only to keep the skin clean, so that they breathe, then adults need to pay serious attention to the problem. If an adult does not have an acne on the nose, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will help you understand the causes and prescribe proper treatment.

Acne scars - folk remedies

Acne Scars - Folk Remedies

Treatment of acne on the cheeks is based on the same principles as in other areas of the person, but it is on the cheeks that more often form more complex forms of disease leaving the scars after healing. It is therefore important to treat acne in the early stages of their appearance. In addition, it is possible to get rid of acne with folk remedies in those cases where they are manifested in a mild degree.

Acne: treatment

Acne: Treatment

For the treatment of acne, in addition to changes in diet, hygiene and cosmetics, there are plenty of widely available drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter. The need for taking supplements, medicines and the use of various other drugs is conditioned by the stage of acne. Acne can be manifested in the skin in a variety of forms, including comedones, papules and cysts.

Acne treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne almost always occurs in patients suffering from seborrhoea, which suggests that it is a complication of this disease. However, acne may occur with hormonal disorders, in patients with diabetes mellitus, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, with neuropsychiatric disorders. At the heart of the disease is the damage to the sebaceous glands of the skin.

Acne treatment

Acne Treatment

Means for the treatment of acne include several groups, we characterize them briefly. Antiseptic fluids : Alcohol solutions of salicylic, boric acids, aqueous solutions of chlorhexidine and furatsilina. Used in any form of acne as lotions, reduce the amount of bacteria on the skin. Anti-inflammatory drugs for metronidazole : Trichopolum tablet and metrogyl gel.

Acne treatment: victory over acne

Acne Treatment: Victory Over Acne

Teenage Acne: Symptoms, Risk Factors. Basic principles of acne treatment. More than 80% of people aged 12 to 25 years suffer from acne - inflammatory diseases of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the skin. Causes of Acne The appearance of juvenile acne is primarily due to a violation of the hormonal background.

Acoustic ear injury

Acoustic Ear Injury

In case of prolonged or short-term exposure of a strong sound to the hearing aid, acoustic trauma may occur. There are two types of acoustic trauma - Acute and Chronic . Acute injury occurs due to short-term effects of suppressive and high sounds and accompanied by pain. During the histological study of the snail, which was experimentally subjected to acoustic trauma, hemorrhage was detected in the snail and displacement, as well as swelling of the cells of the spiral organ.

Acquired hearts

Acquired Hearts

Acquired heart disease is a disease in which, due to defects in the heart valves, there is a violation of intracardiac hemodynamics. Heart flaws are divided into two groups: insufficiency of the valve and its stenosis. When stenosis is narrowing the opening of the valve, most often it has scarlet nature.

Acrylic dentures

Acrylic Dentures

In dentistry, a denture with acrylic is used in the absence of several or all teeth in the patient. In this case, acrylic dentures are used when the area without teeth can not be restored bridges. Acrylic dentures are made by cold and hot compression polymerization or by injection molding. Removable acrylic dentures allow you to restore the functionality of the tooth row .

Actions with joint finger injury

Actions With Joint Finger Injury

Fingers perform all coordinated and small actions. As a result of this activity, joint finger injury has become a commonplace phenomenon both in the industrial sphere and in everyday life. Quite often, joint finger injury occurs in athletes, more precisely, in boxers and lovers of contact martial arts.

Acute allergosis: detection of syndrome

Acute Allergosis: Detection Of Syndrome

The syndrome of "acute allergies" is known as an acute allergic reaction. There is such a syndrome in the case of increased sensitivity of the human body to a re-encounter with the allergen. The development of allergy causes allergens. And these allergens are formed, when substances of organic and inorganic origin come into our organism and are connected with large molecular proteins.

Acute anemia: treatment

Acute Anemia: Treatment

Anthrax is an inflammatory disease of one or both of the gyromagrosomes and is often caused by infection. How is treatment of acute sinusitis? Treatment for sinusitis is aimed at removing edema and inflammation, increasing immunity and reducing allergic manifestations. Treatment of acute sinusitis: general medical therapy The course of general pharmacotherapy usually lasts seven to ten days.

Acute hypomagnetism: symptoms

Acute Hypomagnetism: Symptoms

How to recognize sinusitis. Anthrax is an inflammatory disease of one or both of the sinus sinusitis, most often caused by infections. The most common symptoms are symptoms A sense of discomfort and a sense of pressure, tension, and dislocation in the area of ​​one or two laxative sinuses. With the progression of the disease, there are pains in the forehead, scapular bones, in some cases the pain extends over the whole face of the face (in bilateral process) or half (with one-sided sinusitis).

Acute coronary syndrome: current standards of diagnosis and treatment

Acute Coronary Syndrome: Current Standards Of Diagnosis And Treatment

Acute coronary syndrome (GCS) refers to the period of the disease in which there is a risk of development or the presence of some myocardial damage. The introduction of the term "coronary syndrome" is necessary, as a sharp attack on the heart occurs quite often and requires careful observation by doctors.

Acute coronary syndrome: first aid

Acute Coronary Syndrome: First Aid

Acute coronary syndrome, in which first aid is very often crucial - is not nothing but a period of acute ischemic heart disease. Myocardial ischemia - insufficient blood supply to the tissues of the heart muscle - a potentially reversible process provided timely first aid. Acute coronary syndrome may be uncomplicated and complicated.

Acute coronary syndrome: recommendations in treatment

Acute Coronary Syndrome: Recommendations In Treatment

In case of suspected acute coronary syndrome, the recommendations and strategy of treatment are reduced to a thorough risk assessment, the use of modern effective medications, which significantly improves the short-term and long-term effects of the disease, and significantly reduces the risk of death.

Acute coronary syndrome: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Acute Coronary Syndrome: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

There are many reasons why the blood pressure is leaking. Fluctuations of pressure often depend on the gender, age, lifestyle of the patient and even his benefits to food. Today, the notion of acute coronary syndrome is widely used in urgent cardiology. This concept involves distinguishing from the outside, according to clinical manifestations, sharp variants of the course of coronary heart disease - myocardial infarction and unstable angina.

Acute diffuse pulps: symptoms and treatments

Acute Diffuse Pulps: Symptoms And Treatments

The diffuse pulpitis is the most severe form of acute pulpitis. This disease is accompanied by a sharp pain and is characterized by the spread of inflammation from the diseased tooth to the adjacent. When faced with toothache, few people suspect that it can be a symptom of various dental diseases. In order to take the necessary measures in a timely manner, you need to know what caused toothache.

Acute gastritis in children

Acute Gastritis In Children

Acute gastritis is a severe inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach with a disruption of its function in response to the agitation of aggressive substances. It is primary and secondary. The most common primary acute gastritis in children caused by poor-quality food, medicines or accidental poisoning by household poisons.