Diseases (July 2018)

About the role of phytotherapy in the treatment of arthritis and arthritis

About The Role Of Phytotherapy In The Treatment Of Arthritis And Arthritis

Phytotherapy - one of the oldest areas of medicine, existing as much as there is a person, and has not lost relevance in our time. It should be borne in mind that only the recipes which have passed the tests by time and have proved their centuries-long effectiveness have come to us. Features of application and preparation of phytochemicals Herbs have the ability to potentiate their healing effect, so for most of them it occurs 10-15 days after the start of intake.

About treatment of dermatitis in hands

About Treatment Of Dermatitis In Hands

Once again we return to the question of dermatitis because of the peculiarities of their localization in their hands. The point here is not only that it's unpleasant to show the affected skin of the hands, but for others - to contemplate it. Treatment of dermatitis in the hands is always complicated by the fact that a person is often required to wash his hands with detergents, to contact with various substances and objects, since the hands are the main active tool.

About using capsules to lose weight lida

About Using Capsules To Lose Weight Lida

People gain weight and not lose weight for various reasons: this is the inability to resist sweets, and the biological features of the body. Therefore, before advising you to lose weight using special pills, specialist advice is required. Capsules for weight loss "Lida" - one medicine designed to help the worse.

About warts

About Warts

Each of us strives for perfect beauty, therefore, an image that, in our opinion, is devoid of any drawbacks. This rule applies not only to women but also to men. Anyone wants to get rid of annoying imperfections in appearance, so that the body is slim, and the skin is clean and smooth. If there is enough money, given the high rates of development of cosmetology, to get rid of the disadvantages can all willing.

About what can tell a color ash

About What Can Tell A Color Ash

Periodontal is a complex complex of tissues, surrounding teeth and keeps them from falling out. Gums - visible part of it, so the change in their color can signal the diseases that struck the periodontal from the inside. Gums in most people are pink-coral. This is a measure of periodontal health, although shades may vary.

About what does azothemism speak

About What Does Azothemism Speak

Azothemistry is the accumulation in the blood of nitrogenous metabolism products, usually of protein origin, usually caused by a violation of the excretory function of the kidneys. Azothemis of any origin are characterized by: Decreasing the rate of filtration through the smallest structures of the kidneys - glomeruli; An increase in blood nitrogen of urea; Increased serum creatinine concentration; The index of the ratio of urea nitrogen to creatinine (normally the index value should not exceed 15).

About wash

About Wash

What fellow travelers can bring a child from a children's camp. Many parents in the summer are eager to send a child to a children's health camp. Unfortunately, often the child returns not one but with lice. Way of getting infected In Moscow, lameness is more common than in the whole country, with the peak of incidence occurring at the beginning of autumn when children return from summer camps.

Achalasia cardia: disturbance of reflexes

Achalasia Cardia: Disturbance Of Reflexes

Timely detection and treatment of achalasia cardia helps to avoid life-threatening complications. Achalasia cardia is a chronic disease, in which reflex relaxation of NSAs is disturbed, normally occurs when food enters the esophagus. From the development of the disease no one is insured. It occurs both in infants and in elderly people.

Pimples after the lunar

Pimples After The Lunar

Teenage acne appears as a result of a hormonal surge, which symbolizes the onset of a transitional period of adult aging. The main culprits for the formation of acne androgens, male sex hormones, they are produced in adolescents of both sexes. Taking part in many processes in the body, hormones increase the function of the sebaceous glands and change the composition of sebum, making it more viscous.

Acne around the eyes

Acne Around The Eyes

Acne around the eyes may be an allergic reaction to cosmetics or the effects of aerosol stimuli (smoke, hair varnishes, air fresheners, etc.). In this case, you must stop using any cosmetics and take antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil, tsetrin) for 5 7 days. Rarely, such a localization occurs in normal adolescent acne.

Acne on the buttocks

Acne On The Buttocks

Popa - a very delicate place, inflammation which causes us a lot of inconvenience. What could be more unpleasant than pimples on the buttocks? As a result of their occurrence it is difficult for us to sit, undress in front of our beloved husband, go to the pool. The causes of acne on the buttocks are quite numerous.

Acne at buttocks: a delicate problem

Acne At Buttocks: A Delicate Problem

Acne on the body is delivered to cause not less trouble than on the face. Even if they are not visible, unpleasant sensations, still can not be avoided. Particularly disturbing, if the "enemy" has chosen for your "fifth point". What to do if pimples appear on the buttocks and you now feel ashamed to undress before your beloved person, and in the pool, on the beach or in the locker room, do you feel awkward?

Acne in the child

Acne In The Child

Children are prone to pustular diseases, bronchitis, anemia, frequent colds, violations of the stool. Unfortunately, there are no other ways of forming appropriate immune responses to the effects of the world around us. Acne in a child can occur for several reasons: allergy, thrush, dysbiosis. Of course, hormonal causes of acne in children, as it happens in adolescents, can not be.

Acne in the elderly

Acne In The Elderly

Acne is a kind of acne when an inflammatory knot of small size, often with a bubble on the top, is formed around comedone (oily cork). Acne in adulthood Acne is a kind of acne when an inflammatory knot of small size, often with a bubble on the top, is formed around comedone (oily cork). The bubble contains a serous fluid, which is gradually replaced by pus.

Acne in the adult age

Acne In The Adult Age

Acne in the transitional age arise in young people aged 15 to 24 years. The degree of severity and the duration of the course is different, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the predisposition. With severe degree of flow of acne can be dangerous and leave distorting scars.

Acne near nose

Acne Near Nose

Acne near the nose can be a manifestation of not only acne, but also various dermatitis (allergic, contact, perioral or seborrheal). It is difficult to understand their nature in nature, but there are symptoms suggesting a specific diagnosis. In adolescents, most commonly there are acne associated with the growth of the body.

Acne on the back

Acne On The Back

If there were pimples on the back it's time to analyze what is wrong and to act. What are the causes of acne on the back? Note that the primary factors of acne appearance are only four: increased sebum production, blockage of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, infection and inflammation. And the reasons that trigger this process, a lot, we will consider the main of them.

Pimples on cheeks

Pimples On Cheeks

Acne on the cheeks appears in the same way as on the chin or on the forehead. They bring not so much physical suffering as moral, they spoil our appearance. Especially when they turn into ulcers. The reasons for the appearance of acne on the cheeks are several, but more often than others, there are hormonal disorders, nerve disorders, chronic infectious diseases, malnutrition.

Pimples on chin

Pimples On Chin

Acne on the chin can show not only acne. This may be a manifestation of dermatitis, seborrhea and other diseases. Acne almost always occurs in patients suffering from seborrhea, diabetes, in the presence of pustular infections, especially in the oral cavity, scrotum or nose. The cause of acne on the chin may be avitaminosis or insufficient care of the skin.

Acne on face 30 years

Acne On Face 30 Years

If pimples appear in adolescents from 15 to 24 years old, this does not cause anxiety as it reflects the natural processes of maturation. The main thing is to keep them under control so that the process proceeds easily and without complications. If acne on the face in 30 years is an occasion to think about your health.