Diseases (July 2018)

10 facts about cancer incidence

10 Facts About Cancer Incidence

On January 21, 1911, the American scientist Raus identified a virus that causes sarcoma in chickens. At the same time, a viral theory of the origin of malignant organisms arose. It was believed that cancer is caused by viruses, which means it can be contagious. What is the current scientific evidence of cancer?

10 facts about lepri

10 Facts About Lepri

January 30 - World AIDS Day for patients with leprosy. Despite all the efforts, humanity has not yet lost its "lazy death". And now in the world there are epidemiological centers where you can get leprosy. Leprosy is caused by Mycobacterium lepra - relatives of tuberculosis sticks. The incubation period of leprosy is very long.

4 rules of oncological diagnostics

4 Rules Of Oncological Diagnostics

It is known that early diagnosis of cancer is the path to successful treatment. Every year, almost half a million patients in Ukraine receive a diagnosis of cancer - a population of the whole city, such as Astrakhan or Penza. Nevertheless, knowledge of how the oncology diagnosis should be conducted is rather vague in most people, while their or their relatives have not been affected by the disease.

5 reasons for bad sleep

5 Reasons For Bad Sleep

A sleep is vital to any person, and sometimes neglects it for health. According to medical statistics, various sleep disorders occur in 45% of the adult population of the Earth. The most common sleep disturbance is insomnia. Causes of sleep disorders can be numerous. So, insomnia can be caused by some diseases, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, as well as some medications, emotional stress, various external factors.

5 ways to protect yourself from tuberculosis

5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Tuberculosis

The World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated annually on March 24th. WHO warns that tuberculosis with multiple drug resistance is widespread in Ukraine, so the first place is precisely the prevention of tuberculosis. 5 ways to protect yourself from tuberculosis The use of milk from animals sick of tuberculosis can cause human tuberculosis, as well as meat infected with tuberculosis.

The 7 best friends of your immunity

The 7 Best Friends Of Your Immunity

The autumn-winter season is traditionally a serious test for our immunity. To successfully withstand the attack of pathogens and bacteria and to maintain health, we must take care to strengthen the body's defenses in advance. You can do this in a variety of ways, more about it - in our article. The immune system begins to form even in the process of intrauterine development, and then throughout life, there are various stages of maturity.

7 tips for ears health

7 Tips For Ears Health

There are several causes of ear illnesses, such as love for loud music and air travel that are accompanied by pressure transitions. How to save your ears? We all know well how swimming can affect the health of the hearing. However, besides this, there are a number of reasons for the emergence of ear illnesses, for example, the love of listening to loud music in the headphones and air travel, accompanied by pressure transitions.

Beyond the abdominal cavity organs

Beyond The Abdominal Cavity Organs

Examined by ultrasound, which is indications and contraindications to this procedure, which can be learned from the ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. Ultrasound (ultrasound) of the abdominal cavity is a non-invasive study conducted with ultrasound waves. Currently, this diagnostic method is widely used not only in therapy, but also in surgery, urology, oncology, etc.

Abdominal hernias and their treatment

Abdominal Hernias And Their Treatment

Hernia is a protrusion of the part of the internal organ forward without disturbing the integrity of the skin. The hole in the inner abdominal tissues, through which the part of the organ "slips out" (and sometimes the entire organ entirely!), Are called hernial gates. Given the anatomy of the abdominal cavity of an ordinary person, one can identify some of the most "weak" places that can play the role of hernia gates: groin, belly button, white abdominal line.

Hernia of the abdomen: symptoms and treatment

Hernia Of The Abdomen: Symptoms And Treatment

All you need to know about stomach hernias, their types, complications, prognosis and treatment. What is a hernia? Hernia - movement, pushing the internal organ, with the preservation of the shell, due to the weak place of the surrounding wall in the adjacent cavity. Usually, the term "hernia" in the home means hernia, although there are still brain hernias, muscle, pulmonary and even hernias of the intervertebral discs.

Abdominal pain in a child

Abdominal Pain In A Child

Abdominal pains in schoolchildren are very common and have different causes. But this is always a disturbing signal, which requires not only parental attention, but also a medical examination. There are a large number of diseases, the symptoms of which are abdominal pain. There are two main categories: one-time pain (acute) and pain returns (chronic).

Abdominal pain syndrome in children

Abdominal Pain Syndrome In Children

Abdominal pain syndrome in children is one of many diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Pain with abdominal pain syndrome in children is a subjective feeling that occurs due to the receipt of a series of pathological impulses to the central nervous system. The type of pain does not always depend on the intensity of its stimulation.

Abdominal syndrome

Abdominal Syndrome

Painful state of abstinence develops after the termination of reception of psychoactive substances and testifies to the formation of dependence. When abstinent syndrome is noted, the patient has an alcoholism. It depends on many factors, such as: duration of alcohol abuse; Hereditary predisposition; The age at which a person begins to admire alcohol; Initial state of health.

About the rabbit's benefit

About The Rabbit'S Benefit

Rabbit all over the world is recognized as the most dietary meat. Compared with other types of meat, it contains the maximum amount of protein - 21% and minimum fat - 15%. In addition, the product has hypoallergenic properties and is suitable even for the diet of children. By the content of vitamins and minerals, rabbit prevents all other types of meat.

About the hearts and weights

About The Hearts And Weights

Infected ear infections can cause obesity in the future. At the 116th session of the American Psychological Association in Boston, doctors presented a report on the causes of obesity in adults, and one of these causes was the ear infections in childhood. Linda Bartoshuk, a research author at the Florida Dental College, studied how the taste perception of an obese person was disturbed and found that people with this diagnosis eventually began to prefer sweet and nauseous foods with high fat content, which are the main cause of the set.

About extreme fibrin

About Extreme Fibrin

The fibers of the fibrin are able to stretch perfectly, making the blood clot extremely resistant to blood flow. Fibrin is a macromolecular protein that forms the structural basis of the thrombus, that is, the blood clot. Normally, a thrombus is formed to stop bleeding when cuts, injuries or after surgery.

About hemorrhoids without shame

About Hemorrhoids Without Shame

About this "inconvenient" disease we have questioned Vyacheslav Valentinovich Maslova , Ph.D., Head of the Department of Oncology and Prosthodontics, Central Library No. 2 named after. Semashko OJSC Russian Railways. - How often is a disease like hemorrhoids? Who is sick more often, are men or women?

About methods of research in cardiology and a little about the treatment of ix

About Methods Of Research In Cardiology And A Little About The Treatment Of Ix

What is important to understand? There are no methods of research or analysis that answer the question: "How do you do things at all, is it all right?" Each method can answer a question addressed exactly by this method. The question should be asked by the doctor who raised the issue. If something worries you - talk to a doctor that do not assign yourself research yourself - sorry and time and money.

About necessity of orthodontic treatment

About Necessity Of Orthodontic Treatment

Most people have inappropriate bite by nature, about half of them need orthodontic treatment, especially for aesthetic reasons. Provides orthodontist braces or plates, the installation of which will help make a smile harmonious and beautiful. In stomatology, the formation of bite is a warning of the appearance of a number of diseases, from inflammation of the respiratory tract and ending with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

About the connection between arthritis, spondylitis and colitis

About The Connection Between Arthritis, Spondylitis And Colitis

Diagnosis for inflammation of the joints is a rather difficult task, but it is not necessary to limit yourself to a syndromic diagnosis: it is important to find out the true cause of the disease. Arthritis is joint inflammation, which may have a traumatic, dystrophic, infectious origin. As a rule, arthritis causes swelling of patients with joints.