Diseases of the thyroid: the first anxiety symptoms

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Health of the thyroid gland contributes to the normal functioning of the human body as a whole. The thyroid gland is the organ that has a direct relationship with the hormones produced in the body, and if there are any problems with it, then a hormonal failure occurs, which entails serious health problems.

Symptoms of thyroid gland disorders: 1. Sharp slimming or, conversely, a set of excess weight of the body. If you lose weight or recover, but have not changed anything in your diet, then most likely the problem is in the thyroid gland.

2. Increased neck directly indicates thyroid disease. Watch your body and carefully inspect it for the presence of seals and any neoplasms under the skin.

3. Deterioration of the condition of the skin, nails and hair can speak of problems with the thyroid gland.

Doctors told about the thyroid gland and the diseases that are most commonly encountered in their practice: 1. Decrease in the level of activity of the thyroid gland and the failure to perform its basic functions is a disease under the name Hypothyroidism. If you constantly feel fatigue, you have started to fall out of hair, body weight is becoming more and more every day, then the cause in the hormones, you do not have them, so you should seek medical advice to treat hypothyroidism medications.

2. Increasing the level of certain hormones suggests that your thyroid gland is hyperactive, and this is already a disease and it is called hyperthyroidism. The main symptoms of hyperthyroidism include: excessive emotionality, the appearance of aggression, mood changes, the release of a large amount of sweat in a state of rest, tachycardia, tremor and so on.

3. The appearance of tumors on the neck, accompanied by strong dry cough, sore throat, as with diseases of the throat, difficulty swallowing and other unpleasant symptoms, is called nodular goiter. This disease of the thyroid gland is treated medically if the nodal neoplasms have reached too large proportions, then the doctor decides to remove them by surgical intervention. If you notice on your neck a cone of unclear origin and symptoms as described above, contact your doctor immediately.

4. Thyroid cancer is very similar to nodule, but it is much more dangerous because the nodules are malignant. To distinguish oncology from benign nodes can only a doctor, usually malignant nodules have a denser solid structure, but a simple person without medical education will be difficult to determine and put the correct diagnosis. Symptoms of thyroid cancer are more severe, there is a high fever, dizziness, headache and throat, chills, in some cases nausea and vomiting.

Diseases of the thyroid: the first anxiety symptoms
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