Diseases caused by excess salt in food

What Are The Negative Effects Of Too Much Salt (Sodium) On Your Body? (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Previously, we discussed the interaction of salt and calcium in the body: people who consume a lot of salt, excrete more calcium in urine than people who avoid salt. In turn, this calcium loss contributes to the destruction of bone mass and osteoporosis, as chlorine contained in salt should be replete with alkali in the kidneys, and the main alkaline reservoir of the body is calcium in our bones.

When we eat salted chips or pepperoni pizza, calcium from the bones is washed away. By doing this throughout our lives, we can easily get an osteoporosis.

Classical and caused by physical activity of asthma

Salt is harmful not only to the bones. Although it is not obvious that it causes classical or exercise-induced asthma, salt may worsen the symptoms of these diseases. Studies of animals and humans have shown that sodium chloride stimulates the contraction of the muscles surrounding the airways in the lungs.

Our research team has recently demonstrated that salt (both sodium and chlorine) increases the intensity of asthma caused by exercise. We also found that low salt diet weakens most of the symptoms of asthma.

Other problems related to salt

Perhaps you do not salt your food. This is good, but you should know that, despite good intentions, your diet contains more salt than you think. The average American consumes 10-12 g per day. Almost 80% of this salt is obtained from processed products - even from those that are considered useful.

Two slices of whole grain bread contain 1.5 g of salt, which means that the salt is automatically present in every sandwich you make - even before adding ham, salami or Bologna sausage to it.

Nutrition with high salt content increases the risk of kidney stones, stroke and stomach cancer. It also disrupts sleep - it's the least recognized benefit of a diet without salt. By eliminating salt from the diet, you will almost immediately feel a better sleep. As it was discovered, diets that restrict salt intake also have a beneficial effect on respiratory and motor systems.

Diseases caused by excess salt in food

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