Diseases and treatment of the front teeth

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The front teeth bear not only the functional load. They are most noticeable. And so, the aesthetic component of these teeth is very important.

Treatment of the front teeth from the tooth stone

The most commonly treated front teeth are from a dental stone. Although not all are taken for this, considering just an external disadvantage. But this raid can do a decent damage to health. It is very durable, because almost 80 percent consists of calcium, magnesium and silicon.

The stone slowly displaces the gums, forming a gap between the tooth and the clear cleft. As a result, the infection enters the jaw. It's better to immediately remove this plaque.

Treatment of caries of the anterior teeth

This process is rather difficult. After all, the enamel and dentin are the thinnest. The following materials are used for sealing:

Diseases and treatment of the front teeth
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