Diplopia: when doubling in the eyes

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What happens when duplicated in the eyes. What is diplopia, when it occurs and what symptoms can be.

Duplication of vision, or diplopia, is a serious symptom of eye diseases. In some cases, diplopia may be relatively weak, but it still requires urgent medical attention.

Diplopia: the causes of double vision

Formation of a coherent picture of the world depends on the coherent work of the set of elements of the visual system:

  • Cornea (focuses the reflected light from the objects);
  • The lens (changing its curvature, focusing on the retina);
  • Eye muscles (provide mobility of the eyes);
  • Nerve fibers (delivering information from the eyes to the brain);
  • The cortex of the brain (several areas are treated with visual information received from the eyes).

Failure in any part of the visual system can lead to dual vision (diplopia). Duplication of vision is not a normal condition, and when it occurs, the patient should immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

Problem with cornea, vizivayuschie dipolopia

Corneal lesions often cause distortion of the image only in one eye. Closure of the affected eye eliminates diplopia. Usually the causes of corneal damage are:

Diplopia: when doubling in the eyes
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