Nutrition with sugar diabetes: what you need to know

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Healthy eating with diabetes not only helps keep glucose up to control. A well-designed diet is an integral part of the prevention of complications.

Many experts believe that the term "diabetic nutrition" is not correct. The same diet to maintain good health can be recommended to people who do not suffer from diabetes. For example, it is capable of lowering high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

"A diet that is considered diabetic is in fact a normal healthy diet that is appropriate to all humans," explains Ruth Pupo, a nutritionist and presenter at the White Intermediate Medical Center for Eastern Los Angeles. The only difference between diabetics and those who are easily digestible Sugars contained in juices, sweets, pastries. With these substances you should be careful.

Features of diabetic nutrition

The approach to building a nutrition plan for each patient with diabetes has become more individualized than in the past. The diet, providing a complete nutrition, is based on the specific needs of each person. For example, one patient with diabetes may have high blood pressure that needs to be lowered, while another person may be required to lower cholesterol. The same diet plan for all people with diabetes does not fit.

However, the basis of the diet of diabetes is the principles of reducing the level of sugar in the blood and control diabetes. Therefore, the food should be:

Nutrition with sugar diabetes: what you need to know
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