Diet with hepatitis

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A diet with hepatitis is one of the most important components of treatment for hepatitis, and therefore the importance of its compliance can not be overestimated. It is known that hepatitis is a very serious disease, in its worst case leads to the death of liver cells, the development of cirrhosis, and, as a consequence, fatal outcome.

A diet with hepatitis, on the one hand, should prevent the deterioration of the liver, on the other - the body must receive all the necessary nutrients in full, in order to be able to withstand the disease.

The diet for hepatitis consists, depending on whether the current disease occurs in an acute or chronic form, or a person simply carries the virus, say hepatitis B.

In the acute phase of hepatitis, the diet of table 5a is at the base. It is mechanically processed (crushed or otherwise crushed) food, with a reduced amount of fat. Thermal treatment allowed steam treatment, welding, assimilation. The food should be puree-like.

Prohibited fat, smoked, salted, roasted food, fast food and any products cooked in an industrial way, except baby food.

Food during a hepatitis diet should be taken in fractional doses, at least 5 times a day, in a warm state. It is unacceptable to use spices, and generally avoid products that smell sharply, as often acute hepatitis is accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

It is very important to drink plenty of water to ensure the removal of slags from the body.

Of food products are vegetable puree, vegetarian soups, welded porridges (except pearl and barley), fish of low-grade varieties, chicken breast, veal, rabbit.

The feature of a diet with hepatitis is that it should include a fairly significant amount of rapidly digestible carbohydrates, to replenish the glycogen depot of the liver. This means sweets are welcomed, but only those that do not include fats and a large amount of nutritional supplements, such as dyes and emulsifiers.

Warm jams, marshmallows, linden, jellies, mooses, marmalade, especially if they are homemade. Of course, allowed and even recommended honey, if the patient tolerates it.

The diet for chronic hepatitis is slightly expanding, and from table number 5a go to table number 5. It is allowed to use a small amount of cream and good vegetable oil, products can not be rubbed to a homogeneous state, but the general principles remain the same, including the principle of small food and Abundant drink.

Diet with hepatitis
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