Diet with allergic diseases

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Compliance with the hypoallergenic diet is an important part of the treatment of allergic diseases. A complete exclusion or restriction of food intake, containing allergens, leads to a reduction or complete disappearance of allergy symptoms.

A diet with allergic diseases means a reduction in the total food allergic pressure on the body and an exclusion from the menu of products, which is directly responsible for the development of allergies.

Allergic diseases in our time are very common, they include whole groups of different diseases: bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, and others.

In all pathologies of allergic nature, it is recommended that a special diet should be observed. There is a nonspecific diet that you should follow for all types of allergies. Food products are divided into three groups according to the content of allergens in them, most allergenic foods are completely excluded from the menu.

Nonspecific diet with allergic diseases

  1. Foods that are completely removed from the diet: some varieties of fish, as well as all seafood; Whole milk and cheese; Eggs, smoked meat, canned goods and pickled products; Spices, sauces and spices; Vegetables that are red (carrots, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, etc.); Practically all berries, citrus, orange and red fruits; Food containing any additives (flavors, dyes, etc.); Cocoa products, nuts, mushrooms and honey; Caffeine and alcoholic beverages.
  2. Products whose consumption is limited to: some cereals (corn, buckwheat, wheat); Life; Greasy meat and any byproducts, in addition, rabbit meat and turkeys; Potatoes and all kinds of legumes; Infusions and decoctions of herbs.
  3. Allowable menu components: Gray bread; All kinds of dairy products; Meat with a small percentage of fat; Vegetables of green color (cabbage, salads, herbs, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.); Oatmeal, pearl, manna and rice groats; butter; Any vegetable oils; Green apples and pears and drinks from them; Tea and non-carbonated mineral water.

A nonspecific diet refers to the basic types of hypoallergenic diets, whose purpose is to reduce the overall allergy of the body and eliminate or weaken the symptoms of the immune response. Assign her to adults for 2-3 weeks, children for 7-10 days.

Sometimes, in case of severe allergic reactions, hunger is prescribed for up to 5 days, after which the products of the third group, which do not have allergenic activity, are gradually introduced into the menu, then in 7-10 days the products of the second group are added.

To take food should be finely, in small portions, 4-6 times a day. The exact list of components of such a diet should be chosen by the allergist doctor individually, since some people may experience an individual reaction to products that are considered low-allergenic.

Elimination diets with allergic reactions

This mode of nutrition is aimed at the removal of food from a specific allergen. When appointing such diets it is necessary to determine precisely what an allergic reaction arises. To observe food restriction is necessary for a long time or with seasonal allergies when symptoms appear.

  1. With allergies to the flowering of trees (birch, alder, oak, maple, etc.). During the exacerbation, nuts, red berries and fruits, honey, young potatoes and carrots, cognac, birch juice are excluded from the diet.
  2. When allergy to pollen of cereals and meadow grasses it is forbidden to use wheat and products from it, semolina and bran, wheat vodka or whiskey, coffee substitutes.
  3. When allergy to pollen weeds can not be sunflower oil, honey, seeds and products of them, watermelons and melons, peaches, herbs.
  4. When immune reactions to milk, fish, and eggs are constantly excluded from the menu, these products and any products containing them.

Compliance with the diet for people suffering from allergic diseases can ease the course of the disease and make it possible to live a full life. Sometimes compliance with the diet allows you to abandon the constant use of drugs.

Diet with allergic diseases
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