Diet for liver cancer

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In liver cancer, it often suffers from appetite, so the food should be tasty, but useful.

Eating for cancer of the liver is possible to correct impaired metabolism and relieve the liver, including education and secretion of bile and its antitoxic function.

The diet should focus on easily digestible protein, fiber, vitamins and mikroelementy.Pri water retention in the body, edema should limit fluid intake and salt. However, with frequent vomiting, on the contrary, it is necessary to increase the content in the diet of salt and water.

It is necessary to eat regularly, every 3-4 hours (5-6 times a day). With protein deficiency, weight loss should be increased in the diet of animal and plant proteins. Recommended chicken, veal and beef, lean fish (perch, cod, saffron cod, perch), milk and dairy products and cereals (especially buckwheat and oats). The method of preparation should be gentle: cooking and quenching.

As for eggs, their use should be limited because of high fat content (not more than a couple of eggs per week in the form of omelets). For the same reason, restrictions apply to butter (no more than 50-70 g per day for adults and 30-40 g for children).

Sometimes non-lean and low-fat cottage cheese is allowed, but in small quantities. Not recommended often eat sausage and smoked at all possible, just cooked, diet, doctor's dining room. Herring and caviar can be slowly, for appetite, as in liver diseases very often there is a decrease in appetite. For the same reason it is useful to eat sauerkraut.

Fruits and vegetables (except tomatoes) can be eaten without restriction. It is useful to include in the diet freshly squeezed juices, especially carrots, it helps to clear the liver. Good vegetable, cereals and milk soups, but not strong broths, which increase the secretion of digestive juices, requiring active liver function.

Sweets are better than honey, jam, salad, marmalade. You can not cakes, cakes with cream, chocolate and chocolate candies, ice cream, as they have too much fat.

To heavy liver food includes any fried, smoked and pickled products, fatty meat (pork, lamb, goose meat, duck), brains and liver, as well as nuts, legumes, onions, spicy seasoning (horseradish, Pepper, mustard, vinegar), tomato juice, cocoa and coffee.

The use of these products, as well as alcohol of any strength (including beer), is strictly prohibited.

Diet for liver cancer
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