Diet for kidney disease

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The mark "Medical table number 7" in the medical card of the patient should not be an official diagnosis, but says that it is better not to kidding with the kidneys. Whatever the reason for the appointment of the "seventh table", the strict observance of the diet in kidney diseases becomes an important interest and priority of the patient.

Diet for kidney diseases: no protein, salt and alcohol

A proper diet for kidney diseases helps to bring the metabolism to an optimal state. The nutritionist proposed by the doctor will become the foundation in the process of recovery and will strengthen the effect of the use of medical products.

The table number 7 of the diet system of the Soviet scientist Manuel Pevsner is intended for patients with chronic renal insufficiency, nephropathy of pregnant women, glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome, metabolic disorders, and also in situations where a salt diet is required.

Table number 7 is intended to restore the water-salt balance in the body, while removing inflammation and loading from the kidneys by reducing the consumption of protein, fats, salts and liquids.

A feature of the diet for kidney diseases is:

Diet for kidney disease
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