Diagnostics (June 2018)



The semigram is a detailed analysis of the ejaculate (sperm), the study of sperm under a microscope. This analysis allows us to assess the fertility of a man, that is, his ability to conceive. Deviations of spermograms from the norm indicate a reduction in the possibility of conception naturally. However, such deviations do not exclude the probability of conception.

Sports massage: views, technique, massage video

Sports Massage: Views, Technique, Massage Video

Athletic massage helps athletes maintain their shape during active training and competitions. Thanks to the sports massage, the efficiency of a person increases in times, the risk of injuries and stretches decreases, and fatigue decreases after severe physical activity. Features of sports massage Sports massage includes several types: Training Restorative Healing Training massage Is conducted daily before training, preparing the body for loads, helping the athlete tune in to overcome himself and increase his own strap.

Ultrasound of the fetus

Ultrasound Of The Fetus

Ultrasound (fetal ultrasound) is the main method of diagnosis during pregnancy. How many times do a pregnant woman ultrasound of the fetus, determines the gynecologist who is observing her. The goals of the ultrasound of the fetus differ, depending on what period of pregnancy it is being performed. Typically, the number of planned (mandatory) ultrasound scans does not exceed 5 times: 1.

Urine analysis

Urine Analysis

Urine tests are conducted in laboratory conditions to detect various diseases, assess the body's condition and dynamics of the disease, the effectiveness of therapy. The final diagnosis is not based solely on the analysis of urine, with its help usually detect deviations and this is the reason for the appointment of additional studies that can finally detect kidney problems, diseases of other internal organs, detect hidden inflammation.