Diagnosis and treatment of combined breast and stomach trauma

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The combined breast and abdominal trauma has always been and remains a serious trauma. Often, parenchymal organs are injured by the spleen, the liver and the pancreas, and from the hollow are the thick and small intestine, as well as the stomach.

Quite often, those who have a combined breast and stomach trauma have symptoms of abdominal and chest injuries. The number of patients with such signs is about 10% of the total number treated with other types of injuries.

Signs of a combined breast and abdominal trauma

In case of serious injury to the chest, severe respiratory and cardiovascular disorders are observed, which are expressed as follows:

  • Chest pain;
  • cough;
  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Hemoptysis

Damage to the abdominal cavity can then be erased and not always manifest immediately after application. It is extremely difficult to diagnose internal damage to the chest and abdomen, if the patient is in a coma or is present in any other brain trauma.

Diagnosis of seriously ill patients

In the event that a person has a severe trauma and is unconscious, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the entire chest using different methods. Here it is necessary to use both palpation, and percussion, and auscultation. Also, the diagnosis of a combined breast and stomach trauma in this case will require the use of special equipment. In this case, it will be possible not only to find out the combined injury of the chest and stomach, but also will be able to identify even free gas in the abdominal cavity when it is present.

Treatment of internal damage to the chest and abdomen

Successful treatment of combined chest and abdominal damage, like any other illness, will depend on timely diagnosis. But in this case, a major role is played by the method of treatment, the qualification of the doctor and the chosen surgical tactics. With such an illness, one can not simply observe the patient, because if you do not immediately take measures to eliminate the trauma and its consequences, in the body there can be irreversible processes, which as a result will lead to unwanted consequences.

In this regard, many doctors in their practice use laparoscopy and laparosensis, which in 2 times reduces the time of examination of the patient and excludes the possibility of mistaking the diagnosis. It is very important in such a question - the surgeon's ability not only to put the correct diagnosis, but also to make quick decisions, which often depends on the life of the victim.

It is worth remembering that not everything depends on the doctor. There are also external factors that affect the subsequent life of the victim. These factors include both timely delivery of the patient to the hospital and post-surgical care for him. It is also very important that such patients undergo treatment in a multidisciplinary hospital.

Diagnosis and treatment of combined breast and stomach trauma

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