Diabetes prevention: 10 ways

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Diabetes - Diabetes Health Tips (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Today, diabetes has become a serious problem. This disease affects people of all ages, it is insidious and dangerous: it entails a considerable loss of health, disability and even early death. The predominant form is type 2 diabetes, based on the acquired reduced tissue sensitivity to insulin action or the inadequacy of its development in the pancreas. Under these conditions, the prevention of diabetes is becoming increasingly significant.

In the emergence of type 2 diabetes, a hereditary predisposition plays a role, but the risk of developing this disease increases significantly in the presence of such factors as elderly age, overweight, and peculiarities of nutrition.

Type 2 diabetes prevention is about eliminating some of the risk factors.

Diabetes mellitus: who is at risk

Who and when to fear diabetes? It is necessary to take seriously the possibility of developing this dangerous disease if:

  • Blood relatives were sick with diabetes;
  • The parameters of sugar in the blood test are regularly raised;
  • Available sugar in urine;
  • In the diet of many sweet foods, products with high carbohydrate content;
  • Weight exceeds norm;
  • Age more than 45 years.

You need to go through a diabetes prevention survey if you experience symptoms such as:

Diabetes prevention: 10 ways

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