Determination of blood sugar level: in the laboratory and at home

Estimation Of Blood Glucose By Glucose Oxidase Method - Amrita University (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

People with diabetes mellitus need to measure blood sugar regularly, since the treatment of the disease is reduced to its support within the normal range.

Preventive testing can be delivered in the laboratory - several times a year it will not be a big difficulty. But if you check sugar every day, then it's best to have portable home appliances.

Test strips and glucometers

The domestic market of medical devices offers mainly test strips and glucometers. Test strips - the method is simpler and cheaper, but less accurate. A drop of blood is applied to the strip, and a change in color can be judged by the level of sugar in the blood. The color scale for comparison is on the bottle, which holds the test strips.

Glucometer is a more accurate device. It also uses test strips, but others are special. The test strip should be inserted into the glucose meter, and it will show the level of sugar. There are also special devices for blood transfusion.

Patients with type 1 diabetes (usually young people) are advised to measure sugar several times daily before and before going to bed, and periodically after eating. For elderly patients with type 2 diabetes, it is enough to make an analysis several times a week. Normal is the level of sugar in the blood of 4 to 8-9 mmol/l, and in the analysis on an empty stomach, this figure should not exceed 6 mmol/l, and after the meal may be slightly larger. If the level of sugar appears elevated, you must take prescribed medicines, think that it could provoke a rise in sugar levels, and exclude this factor.

Features of measuring blood glucose in a blood glucose meter

Sometimes people who have just started to use a blood glucose meter have doubts about his goodness, because his testimonies are different from the results of the analysis done at the clinic. But this does not mean that the glucose meter is false. On the right, as a rule, in the other. Writing a referral for a blood test, the doctor usually warns you to take it out in the morning and on an empty stomach. That is, after the last meal is at least 8-10 hours, or even more. Blood glucose meter measurements are usually performed before a meal, but in the daytime, the interval between meals is much less. Hence, the difference in results may be.

Daily measurements of sugar level with a glucose meter do not exclude periodic delivery of analyzes in the clinic. The glucometer displays the blood condition "today and now." But there is another indicator that needs to be monitored. This is the level of so-called glycated (glycosylated) hemoglobin (HbA1c), which shows the average amount of blood sugar in the last two to three months. If this figure is above 6.5%, it is already dangerous.

Determination of blood sugar level: in the laboratory and at home

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