Dermatologists have named five major mistakes in skin care

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It's no secret that proper skin care helps to prolong its youth. Dermatologists have named five major mistakes that provoke premature aging of the face skin.

Underestimate the moisturizing procedure. Moisturizer allows you to saturate the skin with moisture. If you do not use it daily, the aging process will accelerate considerably.

Neglect sunscreen. UV-protection agents should be used not only on the beach or in the heat. After all, in the cool days the sun's rays continue to negatively affect our skin. This leads to its dryness and premature formation of wrinkles.

Do not clean your skin before bedtime. On the skin without skin, the pores are gradually expanding. They get the remains of cosmetics, sebum, dirt. This frees up the freshness of even a young person.

Frequent changes in care products. Dermatologists note that the skin gets used to cosmetics for facial cleansing in 1-2 weeks, and their effectiveness can be estimated only after several months of regular use. Therefore, it is not necessary to expose the skin to stress, changing cosmetics every week.

Excessive use of cosmetics and detergents. Do not use tools that do not fit your age or skin type. Try not to apply makeup if the situation does not require this.

Dermatologists have named five major mistakes in skin care
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