Dentistry at the elderly

Geriatric Special Care Dentistry Clinic: Dental Care For Elderly & Special-Needs Patients (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Exclusive interview of the correspondent of of the implant surgeon, Ph.D. Sergey Kuznetsov

Dentistry in the elderly

Interview with, Director General of the Dental Network "Center for Aesthetic Dentistry", candidate of medical sciences Sergey Kuznetsov

- What are the main dental problems in the elderly?

- The main problem of people of gerontological age is, of course, loss of teeth and the need for prosthetics. By virtue of age, due to the health status, this situation is different in all. However, there is a moment that is a stumbling block for virtually all elderly people: the cost of such treatment. Yes, and among people of the elderly age, people who can afford to pay for treatment, but such a minority, are actively working. There is a group of people who help children, but there are those elderly people who pay no one. People find themselves in social isolation because of the inability to fully communicate, feel on the side of life. This is a pain and a disadvantage of our modern society.

- We will return to this topic, speaking about state financing of such problems. In the meantime, tell me why chronic diseases need to be particularly attentive to the condition of the oral cavity?

- The main chronic diseases that should cause stress in the surgeon - implantologist, as well as in the anesthetist, in mixed specialists - is diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, excretory system, nervous and mental disorders. This is the main group of diseases in which the greatest number of complications can occur. In addition, many of these diseases in patients are combined.

- What are the capabilities of modern medicine in the part of prosthetics in this group of people?

- Patients suffering from the aforementioned diseases and lost a significant number of teeth, as an alternative - dental implants. But depending on the patient's need, his social aspirations and financial possibilities, the number of implants may be different. You can install two implants to hold a prosthesis, or a lot if he plans to speak at conferences or on television. In order to properly approach to the implantation of teeth, you need to adjust your health, make it close to the norm, if possible. Then guaranteed good effect.

- Domestic care at home for patients with severe physical impairment is a myth or a reality?

- Emergency dentistry at home - this is not a myth at all, but a common practice. You can also remove a tooth at home from a clinic. The question is how soon it will come. Another thing is the level of technology that can be applied at home. Of course, it is not possible to seal the channels qualitatively to a patient lying down, this can only be done in stationary conditions, in the clinic. To do this, you need to arrange the transportation of the patient, and here lies another difficulty. Well, if there are children or close relatives, and if a person is in a home for the elderly or in a hosting company? Unfortunately, you can only count on volunteers, compassionate people. While abroad transportation and maintenance of lying patients - everyday practice. So, here it is worth talking about minimal dental care at home - pain relief, removal of the tooth, opening of the abscess.

- Are there special programs for treatment and prosthetics for the elderly in our country?

- In Ukraine, according to official figures, 30% of the population are elderly people. In Soviet times there was specialized funding (at least a minimum), maintenance of adequate dentistry (at that time), medical examination, some sanation were envisaged, as well as prosthetics, which at that time was considered modern. In general, something happened in this area.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and to this day, 25% of the population have simply been outside the financial interests. State funding in this area is not at all. It turns out that all this huge number of people who have worked all their lives, does not receive any proper help, and even the more highly-skilled, high-tech. Society has something to strive for and what to fight for.


Dentistry at the elderly

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