Tooth stone: home remedies prevention

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Incorrect care of the oral cavity can cause the formation of a dental stone that causes the development of periodontitis.

A dental stone is a hardened plaque of dark color that forms on the surface of the tooth. As a rule, it is deposited on the lateral or anterior surface of the root teeth located on the lower jaw.

Germinating in the gingival pocket, the tooth stone promotes its deepening and exfoliation of the gums, which can lead to local inflammation, the destruction of periodontal tissues and the development of oral cavity diseases.

The mechanism of the occurrence of a tartar

As a rule, the formation of a dental stone is accompanied by the placement of soft plaque, consisting of food residues, dead cells, bacteria and salts of phosphorus and calcium. Lack of proper care of the oral cavity can provoke the occurrence of dental deposits in hard-to-reach places, on the crown or root of the tooth, including dentures.

Overdone tooth stone has glynoobraznuyu consistency and is easily separated from the surface of the tooth under the influence of a dental instrument. Solid dentures formed under the gums adhere tight to the surface of the root of the tooth and can only be detected using a special probe.

Causes of the formation of a dental stone

  • Incorrect position of teeth, their damage due to orthodontic or orthopedic constructions.
  • The presence of inflammatory diseases is gums.
  • Wrong hygiene of teeth, including teeth cleaning with low-quality toothbrushes and pastes, frequent use of toothpicks.
  • The prevalence of soft food in the daily diet.
  • Disorders of metabolism, primarily saline.

Prevention of the formation of a dental stone

  • Careful hygiene of the oral cavity (cleaning teeth twice a day, cleaning the tongue, using dental floss and specialized solutions that normalize the condition of the mucous membrane of the mouth and gums).
  • Inclusion in the daily diet of solid food, which promotes self-cleaning hard-to-reach areas of teeth.
  • Regular visits to a dentist.

An additional effect is achieved through the use of home rinses for oral cavity based on natural components.

One of such prophylactic agents is a solution made from a glass of warm water and 1 tbsp. Honey, or infusion of 3 tablespoons Field horsetail.

Tooth stone: home remedies prevention
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