Prevention in dentistry

Dental Preventative Hygiene (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Prevention in dentistry is aimed at preventing the appearance and rapid development of oral cavity diseases. The introduction of prevention programs will help reduce the risk of developing caries and periodontal disease.

In our country there are very and very many-dental diseases. And most likely, they will grow if you do not have ongoing prophylaxis.

Prevention objectives

Prevention in dentistry should be aimed at a significant reduction in the intensity and large-scale spread of caries. Another goal is to reduce the percentage of those who have signs of lesions of periodontal tissues.

Methods of prevention

For the purpose of prevention in dentistry, the following methods are used:

  • Training rules for oral care;
  • Dental education of the population;
  • Endogenous use of fluoride preparations;
  • Training rules for rational nutrition;
  • Use of local prevention funds;
  • Conducting secondary prevention.

Unfortunately, while these methods work not on 100%.

Individual prevention in dentistry

In addition, mass prophylaxis, initiated by specialists working with the population, is also needed by the people themselves. Therefore, a major role in this matter is primarily individual hygiene, which aims at a thorough and regular removal of various dental deposits. And here the question goes not only about double-cleaning teeth. It is very important to use dental sticks or threads during the day, which will allow you to remove these deposits immediately after eating.

Toothbrushes and toothpastes

The most important tool for individual prevention is a toothbrush. The brushes are divided into 5 types according to their rigidity: very soft, soft, medium, hard, very stiff. Mostly used an average rigidity brush.

Toothpaste should remove as much as possible the plaque from the teeth, be pleasant to taste, having a good deodorizing effect and not having any side effects.

Whatever happens around, prevention in dentistry is primarily an individual issue. And remember that visiting a dentist for the purpose of prevention should be at least once every six months.

Prevention in dentistry

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