Care for dental prostheses

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Loss of teeth is a stressful situation, accompanied by psychological discomfort and difficulty in chewing on food. In this case, a prosthetic can help. But the dentist must necessarily tell the patient about the care of dentures.

With age, we lose teeth that are the result of malnutrition, various diseases, non-compliance with hygiene rules or injuries. Dentures replace these teeth. Care for dentures depends on their type.

Types of dentures

There are removable and non-removable dentures. Removable dentures are used in the absence of most teeth. Non-removable dentures are installed in the event that there are own teeth, which can be secured by an artificial prosthesis. The second, in the opinion of orthodontist dentists, provide better performance of the chewing function teeth.

Dental Care

Proper dentures care for teeth will ensure their preservation and long service life. Due to ignorance, many patients place prostheses in a solution with hydrogen peroxide, manganese, rinse them under running water with baking soda or soap. Such care will only be done on the detriment of the prostheses: the effectiveness is minimal, service life is reduced, detergents negatively pour into the oral cavity. For the care of dentures there are special means.

Measures for the care of removable dentures

A prosthetic of this type requires careful care. Physicians do not recommend using an ordinary toothbrush to clean it, as it can damage the artificial teeth and does not completely remove plaque. In the extreme case you can use a brush with a soft natural bristle.

In addition to special brushes for cleaning, the means for the care of removable dentures include soluble tablets and fixes creams, strips, powders. Pills have bactericidal action, some additional bleaching effect. Before the denture in the solution with cleaning tablets it is necessary to rinse it in running water to remove food particles. The residence time in the solution of the denture is about 15 minutes. This procedure for the care of removable dentures is carried out in the morning and evening, and whenever possible, after each meal.

If dryness is constantly felt in the oral cavity, it will be correct to apply the fixing powder. It is applied to a clean, damped water prosthesis and pressed to the gums.

Fixing cream is recommended with abundant salivation. Using the cream prevents the particles from falling under the prosthesis and reduces the pressure on the gum. Fixing strips fix the prosthesis with irregular structure of the jaw.

Care of dental implants of non-removable type

The prosthesis of this type looks like natural teeth. But this is nothing more than an illusion that such dentures do not require special care. To care for dental implants of a non-removable type you will need:

  • Toothbrush with natural bristles;
  • A dental floss that cleans the gaps between the teeth;
  • Interdental single row brush;
  • Rinse aid for oral cavity.

Currently used dentures distinguish external attractiveness and durability. If you want dentures to last for a long time then you need to ensure proper care of them.

Care for dental prostheses
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